Marijuana Penny Stocks : Top 3 Microcaps (2019)

Marijuana Penny Stocks : Top 3 Microcaps (2019) What’s up fam, my name is Antonio, and on this channel, we bring you the newest, hottest and most interesting …


  1. KNHBF increased 25% today. After dropping 50% in the last few months since buying it I almost gave up on that one. I have no idea why it had such a huge rally today but hopefully it will continue as it seems like a great company.

  2. Nice video! I know you're a big fan of Aurora, as am I. What do you think of Canopy and their future vs Aurora?

  3. You keep my watchlist full! I have a whole section on Yahoo Finance named “Baby Stocks” Hahahaha. Good job as always my man!

  4. Choom seems to be an interesting one. They have a "cool" and friendly brand. Thats s not the case of most MJ brands.

  5. Any video that starts with a South Park clip is a good one! Haven't looked at marijuana stock investing for a while but gotta confess, you're turning me into a believer. Might start up a portfolio in a few of these.

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