'Marijuana Legalization: Where We’ve Been, Where We Are, And Where We Are Going'

Deputy Director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws Paul Armentano takes the stage at the Ron Paul Institute’s Houston conference …


  1. Consenting adults have the right to use any intoxicating substances they want to, but if they try to sell them to my kids I have the right to cave their skulls in with a baseball bat. Sounds fair to me.

  2. Happy to see Americans have the freedom to weed, drugs and guns. They can all become drug addicts and kill each other I’m with guns and leave the rest of the world alone.

  3. Sincere Thanks to Ron Paul and all Liberty Lovers.
    I am a Viet Nam veteran (USMC, 1966, 1967, Honorable Discharge) with Agent Orange. Marijuana has helped me feel like a healthy individual for fifty years, and has also reminded me that the federal government has no authority to own my body.
    Here is my project to help spread the consciousness of individual freedom, unalienable rights, and the proper use (if such exists!) of "government".
    A Mental Militia Psy-Op — .https://thementalmilitia.net/2019/05/12/silver-seeds-liberty/
    Want to help? Join the movement for self-ownership by wearing Silver Seeds of Liberty earrings — https://silverseedsofliberty.com/shop/
    Elias Alias

  4. Is it true that marijuana benefit people without hidden harm? After using marijuana, they will cry again, marijuana should not be legalized because blah… blah… blah… again. People are full of stupidity, only can see in the short distance, they can't considerate for the long run harmful. If marijuana is so good, why then China doesn't let their own people used it? I wonder why? Yes, they don't have big pharmaceutical problem over there like us?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Also legal weed has been an excuse to take away guns, by basically saying if you smoke weed you disqualify yourself from being able to own a firearm

  6. All legalization is doing is putting weed in the hands of big buisness losers who know nothing about weed. One day it will just be monstano and their buddies running weed.

  7. What is the role of government illegalizing what one can consume which grows out of the ground naturally from the beginning of known history and which they did not create? It's tyrannical no doubt.

  8. Dr. Paul, I wish you did an interview with Dr. Burzynski. I think it would be a wonderful interview for this libertarian platform.

  9. Indian Hemp Commission…American Indian or Asian?…Wisconsin still living ''Reefer Madness" and growing one cannabis plant a felony. Question: Is M-Cannabis really a drug or a plant? As long as it is not processed, it should not be considered a drug.

  10. I would be surprised and amused if I met anyone under the age of 50 who actually thinks cannabis should be banned.

  11. Marijuana is not a stepping stone to heroine .
    That would be pain killer opioids made from opium from afghanistan and sold by the big pharma drug cartel that leads to heroine .
    Btw , are american soldiers gaurding opium fields in afghanistan ?

  12. There are so many people who dont use it and would traditionally be against it who aren't anymore. They support the decriminalization of it as well. Minds really have changed.

  13. Drug laws on the federal level are not Constitutional,including marijuana.Legalizing marijuana will not bring about an age of medical and social paradise.The peer reviewed literature is politically tainted and the claims of safety and medical efficacy should be taken with a grain of salt.After all,Bozo the Clown is somebody's peer.

  14. Hemp/ marijuana ….a natural plant with many benefits…so, who made it illegal & why
    Try Rockefellers, DuPonts etc because marijuana cannot be patented etc. Nothing to do with smoking, everything to do with industrialists & profit financially.

  15. I will never forget Dr. Ron Paul advocating for drug legalization in 1988 on the Morton Downey Jr TV show. Downey and his “just say no” brainwashed minions savaged Dr. Paul. The video is on YouTube and will really piss you off!

    Needless to say I’ve been a fan of Dr. Paul ever since.

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