Marijuana Legalization Thailand Highland Network

(Recommended with Subtitles on) Thai Law Forum discusses the current status of marijuana legislation, the social stigma and the impact of other countries that …


  1. This is an important topic… i don't understand why you haven't done a better job with the audio … i can't hear anything you guys are saying.
    And what is the use of playing snoop dogg in the background ?
    i would appreciate a more serious conversation about this topic and what we can do as a people to move things along…

  2. I suppose that if there is a medical need for marijuana therapy,then that would be a good thing. Perhaps it can be mixed with lavender oil and burn in a n incense vaporizer.. However I do not think that marijuana should be legalized for the general public because of the children.

  3. The reason marijuana is illegal is because it is free and pharmaceutical companies want to push their expensive products . Workers in Thailand are forced to work extensive hours and turn to booze and Yah Bah to cope. If the economic system belonged to the people society would be much better.

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