1. Testing to see if someone is impaired by marijuana is a nightmare. I personally believe an expensive ocular test is probably the solution? It's a big conversation in Canada right now as weed went legal nationwide back in October. And like you say, it's clearly very corporate. You can sell weed here now, as long as you're a licensed company selling product from a licensed distributor. The rest of it is just "de-criminalized". Unless you're talking mass-quantity like you mention. That they will still put you in jail for. They have raided and closed a couple of stores that weren't properly licensed.

    The impaired driving thing hasn't caused any big uproars yet. I think the police are being super cautious with it. But who knows how long that will last. What frustrates me is that driving stoned has been a huge problem for decades. But now that it's legal they want to test motorists for it.

  2. I believe Colorado has a sort of breathalyzer for weed or some other way to tell of you've smoked in the past 2 hours

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