Marijuana Industry Insight – Episode 7: Veg+Bloom Nutrients Interview & Review With Founder

In this episode of Marijuana Industry Insight, Chris LaRose the Founder of Hydroponic Research & Veg+Bloom nutrients goes over how they have rose to …


  1. •1st question, Can you use veg+bloom in a no till system? Like from build-a-soil.

    •2nd question can you use veg+bloom in an autopot/no till hybrid system? Would you still need the cal mag?

  2. I have used Veg+Bloom for years and have had great results. If you are on the fence, I recommend giving it a shot.

  3. Whats out there for facility design classes? our firm is looking to put together a cannabis team for our architecture firm.


  4. Observable drydrown you say. I can easily let them dry back and simply water them before they wilt, but is continually doing this from transplant to harvest the best strategy?

  5. only a Quick question for Chris, I have my water supplied from a bore hole, high in minerals and iron, Most of my plants can handle it but a few are a bit finicky and i find it hard to adjust for a few plants, I had no problem when i grew in coco but now because of budget im growing in peat/soil, What would you recommend if i was to switch to Veg+Bloom.?

  6. I dunno man. Jacks Part A is $70 for 25lb bag. This one is like $420 per 25lb bag and it uses more per gallon then Jacks.

  7. Wow, it was kind of getting repetitive to a point and then BOOM!! Chris really came out with in-depth info about plant health and what to look for, that was next level !!! Loved it 👌
    Supurb production content and delivery as always Nate 👍

  8. Chris is a real smart dude. I learned a lot here, and I like this format of one on one with the pro's!

  9. I hope you "industry" people continue to lose your shirts. Some of these businesses in Cali are losing a million + a month. That's what happens when you do "business" with Wall Street tards who don't care about cannabis.

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