Marijuana Industry Insight – Episode 5: Cogeneration for a Cannabis Grow

In this Episode we discuss Cogeneration (CHP) and the efficiencies that can be gained for your cannabis grow operations. Cogeneration through combined heat …


  1. definitely approve of this cogeneration idea, is it only based of gas and are you talking about LPG? or does solar energy factor in for more tropical atmospheres?

  2. So I ran the numbers on capstone just before this vid published – take home, don't waste your money. I went in this direction originally for all of the reasons mentioned in the vid however, PV is much, much (MUCH) more cost effective. Particularly with battery prices dropping. Capstone is a complete waste of money.

  3. 👍 Growers Network. The co-generation is an interesting concept in reliable power. I'm interested to know if the co-gen turbines are capable of burning biofuels and methane gas captured from organic matter compost. I predict in the future, some growers will integrate several sustainable technologies such as aquaponics, co-generation, solar power and outdoor cultivation. They will be able to market themselves as earth friendly and charge a premium for the product.

    Carbon neutral cannabis production is almost inevitable. With the decline in wholesale cannabis prices, growers are well advised to consider sustainable growing methods. Otherwise their operational costs and inefficiencies may hinder their profitability.

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