1. So I’m 130 lbs bench 165lbs last year and squat 365lbs. My weights stay the same today’s and I 18

  2. Confucius Say Pack Weed, Beer, Trojans and Steroid Coke Powder for Good Time! Then jump out window, put on stained white t shirt and make a run for it in jeep parked in underground lot with bad lighting!!!!! Ni Hawwwwt!

  3. Alright, I think this is a bit ridiculous Kevin. Marijuana is illegal and it makes you act differently than what you would've done otherwise, so I would argue that you're not being yourself.
    Why do you think you need drugs to do stuff? If you can't be happy and productive sober, then why even live, you're just hiding behind the drugs and relying on them to make you feel good.

    And what happens when your body gets used to the high? You need to do more and more and more, just like when your body gets used to the workout, you need to lift more or do more sets, same principle. Please don't be so naive Kev, I really respect you and all that you usually stand for, I built my habits from your advice.

    Keep doing you Kev, I hope you stay the same and keep being disciplined! You're a big inspiration and has always been.

  4. Marijuana just makes me super lazy. No matter what I'm doing. I've tried playing sports, running, lifting etc and I just end early so I can lay down and munch lol

  5. What do you feel about smoking before you lift? Like so you're high during the workout? I've had some of my BEST lifts of all time doing that.

  6. from the same author of ''why i stopped creatine'' now we have ''why i stopped marijuanna''

  7. how do you drink and still stay lean? doesn't it metabolize different and all you food that your body is processing go to fat? I want to drink but Im afraid I will increase my body fat percentage.

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