1. I can't wait early morning harvest is the best for terpans I heard was like 4 in the morning is best time nice video

  2. Youngest grower in the building and my man I gotta admit yo shit looks frosty as hell damn🥶🤤

  3. Keeping u awake??? Too many clear trichomes bro. Leave it abit longer… I'm only doing small ones in pots. I had same thing. But on some I left way longer till alot of brown trichomes it hits me like a train crashing into my face get that big heavy feeling in back of my head . Red eyes an that. But yeah when I pulled early I just couldn't stop thinking my brain just wouldn't shut off. Wouldn't mind making some hash off early pull an calling it my natural crack lol morning smoke.

  4. Thank you twiztd roots for the hydrogen peroxide remedy for mildew worked like a charm. Keep it growin you savages 😎

  5. Yes ma'am i was here! But i was on twizteds channel 👍 GROWERS SMOKER LEARNER'S LOVE ☕ 🍁💚 ✌😜💨

  6. Awesome 🙌 love harvest time 🌿 🔥 🌿 I got some chronic skywalkerog off Scarecrow. I'm growing it now. Can't wait to try it. Cheers and much love 👊 🌿 🚬 👊

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