Mango Haze – Getting Ready To Harvest Her, HUGE BUDS

This sativa dominant hybrid strain has moderate levels of THC, and very low levels of CBD making it a patient favorite for medical conditions that respond …


  1. Guys, I am growing with nutrients.  As one of the original test users I got to help dial it in to what you see in this video. Attention Growers: They are still giving away free nutruents

  2. I scrounged like you man but i waited till they stop stretching lol i did 2 feet buds like that !! and bunch of bud from lower plant that flowered like crazy normally i would have lolypoped it but by scrounging with bamboos i didn't add to lolypop!

  3. R a caregiver? I live in Michigan. 23. Trying to get my ass into the industry. I got an eye for this stuff. What's recommend

  4. west Virginia Dave, This strain will be hard to keep in stock, the grow looks great stick ickey Oah yea. Stay Blessed my friend.

  5. Do you find great benifit in doing a late flower leaf strip?? Or is it just an HID method to get a little extra late season life??? I know under the LED YOU SEEK TO GET MORE LATEte season growth…. Even new bud growth and that does not happen with HID… Sorry for Capps. Anyways. Do you think growers useing LED should leave the leafs or do a strip… I know my leaves seem to also stay in color longer and dont fade as fast as HID. I also see them going thru more color changes where under hps… Well heres an example… Under his my oyrole train wreck goes from green to yellow to a fast red thwn they dry up and fall off… Under LED they go green uellow red then a purple bluish and almost a black… Then they brown up amd fall off taking all the longer to go thru this process… Andbits the same with all my strains… Like I can still cut down my northern lights at 55 days… But I can also let it go 70 days not getting harder and dencer and more colorful than ever before.

    Nothing else has changed… My nutes are the same for the last 3 years. My yeilds have maybe gone slightly up per square meter with LED… Not all that much to write home about… But I'm useing half the electricity and the quality has gone up alot. God…. One of my strains has pink pistols and pink trips for fuck sake… Not the case under my old (2017) galaxy DE1000 ballasts and my galaxy cmh ballasts. These HLG 600-h. Fixtures with HLG 260 R spec helpers really get it done like never before.

  6. Alright man, that plant's looking very nice Mr.Wizard King!!! It must be super sweet and has beaitiful colors.

  7. Have you ever seen a plant go more than 10 weeks indoors and still have no red hairs…only white 10 weeks in…should it be flushed asap or wait till seeing red???

  8. How intense is the Mango essence? Im looking for a cultivar that can exceed green crack in the mango terp profile mouth and nose..

  9. All your plants are always beautiful man. Would love that. Kind of space to grow in like that set my favorite thing to do is to train. My plants and my ladies. LOL I think that most of the time they f**** train me

  10. Absolutely beautiful…makes you want to just fire one can almost taste it thru the video. Great job guys. Keep on keeping on brothers. Happy 420

  11. They are big ladys but big is good that's this lady is here to help keep up the good work Irish eyes are watching 😎🤘☘☘☘

  12. I always see your massive trees, but I don't ever think I saw a video showing how long you veg for and what you're using to train them. Would love to see something like that!

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