1. Thank you for posting and sharing this great info! Continued Validation to we who are serious practicing herbalists!

  2. Thank you for posting this Shango! We live in Prohibitionland and are trying to utilize cannabis (primarily high CBD, lower THC) to treat pain and inflammation and reduce or eliminate the need for opioids. Mainly in relation to spinal disc problems and gut issues like IBS. So, this speech is absolutely fascinating and to the point!

    Do you know whether there is any degradation of CBD or terpenoids or cannabinoids when the flower is smoked or vaped? Making tinctures is kind of a pain and smoking/vaping is much more convenient. However, we’re willing to do what’s needed to produce the best/most effective medicine, if there’s a significant difference between delivery methods. What is your advice on the most effective way to deliver a dose that contains all the beneficial elements of cannabis?

  3. I suggest that the theorized cause for an acute case of hyperemesis should be further investigated to exclude a potential adverse reaction of inadvertent misuse of NSAIDS such as asprin and Advil or naproxen. Doctor, please, do your do diligence before declaring a diagnosis of cannabis induced hyperemesis. I would proffer that one may masquerade as the other.

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