managing my chronic pain

how have I manage my pain from several chronic conditions? This talked about in this video- some articles for you guys.


  1. I use turmeric it helps for the everyday aches and pains but not for any injuries lately I’ve been feeling like my muscles get tight and hurt so bad I’m still trying to figure that out but heat helps a lot

  2. Non-organic coffee is almost poison to me. It causes inflammation.

    I drink organic coffee now. And buy mostly organic fruit and vegetables. The produce lasts longer and tastes better.

    Coffee no longer causes inflammation for me since going organic.

    To relieve anxiety I usually cycle through my 5 senses. Listen to sounds outside. Then smell something in my environment. Then taste the flavors in my mouth. Look at a nearby object. Touch the fabric of the chair I'm sitting on.

    To relax I usually breathe in counting to 5. Then exhale 100% pretty quickly. Then exhale another 30% extra and hold it a bit while paying attention to my 5 senses. And repeat a few times.

    In terms of exercise – grappling is my favorite. I need to be pushed pretty hard. Just going for a run doesn't have huge benefits for me.

    Also sleep is good too 🙂

  3. Hey 🦓 friend, I discovered aloe Vera juice by chance, fell in love with the taste, THEN after noticing it was helping my gastroparesus, googled its benefits and was pleasantly surprised it wasn’t in my head it actually is recommended for stomach issues. The brands I like- there’s 3- Cira I can only find when I’m up in nyc- amazon has it at times, “jayone”- wegmans sells, and Iberia- I get on amazon.
    That sucks you can’t take pain meds. Though at this point idk how much they help me anymore. I had just started PT at breakthru in voorhees, only 2 weeks of it, then we went on a cruise for 10 days, just got back today, so I can’t really say if exercise is helping. Though it never has before. I am getting fitted for a back brace for my scoliosis as my hunching over has gotten sooooo bad and painful. And I’ve just gotten a wheelchair. Though I used just my cane in the ship. I can’t tolerate cold packs either, it’s just unbearable. So I guess I don’t have any great ideas you haven’t tried. 😢 I’m pretty much in a bad state of pain and flares a lot.

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