1. so all you need is 5 ounces of kif… granted it would take like 10 pounds of bud sifted to get that much. no problem.

  2. Anyone know if it’s possible to make hash without any thing that cost money or takes up space as I’m 15 and got no money or place to do this?

  3. it's pronouced keeeef not kif, and there is no hash quality in extracting with isopropyl. it's full of contaminants

  4. Omg I love that old school hash!!! Would love to see the entire video of the iso washing process!!! What percentage isopropyl did you use??

  5. I didn’t understand when he said “we took our TRIMMINGS and soaked them in isopropanol”? What is the trimming he’s talking about?

  6. Only had proper hashish a couple times in the 6 years I’ve been smoking. It’s sadly not popular anymore due to the better concentrates we have nowadays. But I gotta say hashish is awesome and gives you that old school hippie vibe. The way it melts is orgasmic.

    One time me and my dad went to a jam festival and unfortunately he didn’t have good bud. Brick stuff. But, he did also have some hashish, and smoking joints with the mix and at a music fest made me feel like I was in a time warp, and I got super baked.

  7. So, im under the understanding that Iso leaves behind bad stuff. That wasnt purged so how are tou not smoking iso when you smoke that hash. It looks amazing. Can you do the same thing with like everclear.

  8. I can't find a straight answer online, & all vids show how to make hash oil, not this beautiful stuff.. just want to know how long you soak the trimmings in the isopropanol?

  9. So I can't make this without keif? Now I have to find a video on how to get a bunch of keif from buds already harvested. I cant grow

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