1. I know 3d printer heated beds can hold temp within about 4 degrees F or better. And i'm pretty sure they can get up to 120 degrees Celsius. You can get a control circuit board for around 30 dollars and the bed itself is around 13 dollars. You can get a power supply for as low as 15 dollars. An LCD screen for 10 bucks, that's pretty much all you need to make it work. This might be a more accurate way to heat the oil at a constant temperature for an affordable price. I saw some hot spots in the rice cooker towards the end of the cooking process. Don't know if that effects the oil in a negative way but it's possible. Just throwing that out there in case someone wants to build a very accurate, consistent temperature oil cooker. A good rice cooker is quite expensive from what I've seen. And I don't think you can really adjust the temp, its either high or low. This way it would be fully adjustable and very accurate temp.

  2. Could someone tell me if cooking this gives off the familiar odour that would have the neighbours complaining? Or worse still, contact the police? I live in a high-rise flat.

  3. What a legend thanks for the knowledge!! I myself just made this for a friend and plan on giving it away for free hopefully it helps that person get better from cancer .

  4. Bonjour, je suis française et ne comprends pas l'anglais, est ce qu'il y aurait quelqu'un pour me traduire cette vidéo je vous remercie d'avance.

  5. i have authism. its not a sickness. its how your born. you can not cure that! its how your brain is whired.

  6. CSUChico in '88 wouldn't let me write my senior research paper on CBD. I could only do it on detection or addiction. Sad.

  7. I am just another advocate of this miracle product.
    Thank you Rick Simpson for making it your lifes passion to get this information out to us all.

  8. I use to make this oil all the time back in highschool . Im going to start making it again for others that need this medicine

  9. I'm from India my mom suffering from cancer. So I need pure from of thc oil. If anyone who can provide this oil in India. Plz contact me on 8825010254
    My Instagram account@imtarun_verma

    Urgent need

  10. You helped save my life thank you. My chemo doc said I was miraculous and phenomenal (very unscientific words from a scientist) and he said could not explain how I became so healthy.
    I then told him that I took the medical marijauna, RSO.
    He didn't bat an eyelid, he said he remembered when I came in half dead and said I believed in science and nature and a combination of both of those medicines would be the best way forward.
    Thank you Rick Sikpson. You are a beautiful human.

  11. Wait so the famous rick simpson oil is litterayl just iso oil ? I was making this shit 20 years ago in my kitchen without youtube, its just iso oil. All he did is evaporate it under higher heat to decarb it.
    Very confused that you are not using a carrier oil like MCT which is the best way for the body to absorb it in edible form. Once the ISO has been evaporated it is just THC RESIN, and it is not water solubl, only alcohol or fat soluble. Please someone enlighten me!

  12. Anyone knows wheter I can admister that half a rice grain dose per day for a regular house cat who has cancer? Or should it be smaller with a carrier oil, since the cat is smaller than a human.

  13. For how long do we have to keep the plant it in the alcohol?? And what I can found where I live is only leaves and no bud parts , do leaves and seeds contains THC and other good stuff?? PLZ help

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