Lt. Governor Fetterman’s Legalizing Recreational Marijuana Listening Tour – Pottsville Visit

VIdeo from Lt. Governor John Fetterman’s Schuylkill County stop in Pottsville on March 2nd, 2019 as part of his legalization of Marijuana listening tour.


  1. Why not Pottsville, then just change the name to Pot-ville, far out man !!! Come to Potville for a Yuengling and a joint !!!

  2. Will teachers be allowed to medicate with Marijuana? I'd like to know since I was fired from North Schuylkill for refusing a drug test because someone "heard" I medicated with marijuana.

  3. Let's legalize recreational marijuana in Pennsylvania I been smoking it for many many years I still smoke it for my pain n it does not lead to harsher drugs like they say I was on pain meds n they didn't help me at all so come on lets get it over with n lets get off our asses n legalize recreational marijuana be legal in Pennsylvania especially for the people who can't afford the medical marijuana card being on disability or not n there's a lot of people out there who's Dr won't put them on medical marijuana the Drs just want to keep giving u pain pills I won't take pain pills anymore y keep taking them if they don't help n recreational marijuana does help n even if u smoke it to just get that high so what let it be it doesn't make u get into trouble it's all in that person's mind if they want to go out n cause problems they always say babies n young children keep it put up and out the way where they can't get a hold of it

  4. I smoke recreational marijuana for pain I was diagnosed with chronic back pain n have bad headaches plus I have scoliosis and it helps me to move around when I smoke it n takes the pain away

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