Low Effort Backyard Grow Update Harvest Day

Get a final look at my babies before I cut them down. Overall I am very happy with the results. I spend about $33-$40 per plant, including the cost of the clone, the …


  1. Fertilize with blood meal next time ,predeposit blood meal in your cans so plants roots will reach blood in time ,ensuring potency

  2. Best harvest and shake the water outa those buds or you're going to have alot of mold.
    Plus get them up off the ground before the random caripilker and worms devestates them.

  3. your plants are nice. But just a little compost worm casting tea 2 times a month. your plants would be 4 times as big.

  4. Sure someone mentioned, but sharpened hold up staking is worth the little extra time and effort (sharpened to drive into ground / not so much into amendment) 🤘

  5. Come on … wasn't the real point of sinsemilla to not distribute seeds out to the public for these new strains of marijuana, and calling it stronger, or better somehow because it did not have seeds is merely a hoax? All the best pot I used to smoke as a teen in the olden days had seeds in it. It had dust and pollen and flower on it, but it also had seeds, and they were fun to pick out or watch explode in joints, but they did not make the pot any worse. Admit it … sinsemilla is a hoax, and in fact if you let sins grow in the presence of a male plant it will bring additional cannabinoids to the mix and be a better plant.

  6. Now you know that P.Nepal and cinex is nice and 20 of them will set you up with a nice big ass bag of chronic

  7. You make it so simple to grow explain just all around hippy like and legit calm natural lol I’m over here stressed out on tying up my girls nutrients feeding everything stressing for nothing and here you are no effort and they look gorgeous. I salute you ! Blunts down

  8. What do you use to water the plants and what soil do you use? I really want to start a outdoor first time beginner grow. A response would be much appreciated!!

  9. Very nice man some very exotic and colorful buds. Cheers from Australia – we grow big ones down here too in the Aussie summer 🙂

  10. Cool I'm an outdoor man too but dude buy a couple of pieces of 3/4 inch pvc pipe drive a sharpened end in the ground during veg growth and tie and train to it works good

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