Louis XIII OG Marijuana Grow – Week 6, Day 1

the last few times we grew this strain out we really hit a grand slam home run if you know what I mean.. the buds were rock hard huge and dance, and very …


  1. West Virginia Dave, Grand Slam for sure Prof. Wizard looking at 20% and better THC, 0 CBD better save this grl for the evening to chill with. Stay Blessed.

  2. Yo wizard ! If you were going to start a seed grow bow would you go about germination and so forth?

  3. King Louis OG is my all time favorite herb. It is legit medicine lol. I was finally able to find a Louis Γ— dosi dos (kings stash) pack of seeds by Archive genetics in stock. Can't wait to pop them!!

  4. Wizard have you ever heard of a half harvest ? Harvest the top half & bottom leave for 2 weeks more ! Bottom buds will swell fast !

  5. Congratulations you guys which animals moving up fast deservingly so you guys put a lot out there we appreciate it thank you .

  6. Hey brother…..fantastic job on the daily videos and quality commentary. Very informative. If anyone deserves a little kickback on YouTube, it’s you. Thanks for the wisdom πŸ™. Godspeed brother.

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