Looking Up – 140 (Marijuana Legalization's Demonic Advocates)

Looking Up – 140 (Marijuana Legalization’s Demonic Advocates) Devotions, Bible Teaching, Prophecy Updates according to the Word of God Today’s …


  1. Yea keep taking those pills your on. You trust in your doctor and in your FDA. You put your trust in man not God.
    God made cannabis and it works perfectly with his creation. God doesn't War against himself.

  2. Something similar, kind of, happened to me last week. While walking in Walmart a woman passed me, we gazed into each others eyes, hard to explain but it was as if our eyes locked. I tell you, I felt evil. She did not say anything at all just looked at me and I was the one who had to break eye contact. Nothing more happened except for the fact that I think about that encounter, a lot and I still "feel it". Not sure why it has stayed with me. In my mind, it was as if I came face to face with a witch. Sounds a bit silly even saying this but there you have it. Never did mention any of this with my son who was with me. Yes time to step up our game. Thank you for your video

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