1. Maybe I just love being alone as I see clear perspective of social standard. And you know, sometimes when you be with someone or some group you shouldn't be and then you end up in a bad place. I might sounds like discouraging but believe me I don't have intention to do so and I admit some of the point was me and it's true.

  2. I am lonely and might be depressed. I literally thought I had friends but they don't call me unless they need something, which is rare, but only they talk to me- when they feel. When I have an opinion no one cares. When I have something to share, people avoid me as much as possible and it hurts. I live in an imaginary world and feel happy for a few minutes then come back to reality and boom -lonely. I am at a point where I don't care. I have no emotions left. Even when I see someone in pain that pity I used to have disappeared. And now I like sad things which isn't like me😐

  3. Maybe I have a weird condition. I never feel lonely. In 2nd grade (I was 7 or 8), I moved to a different country leaving all my friends and having almost none at time. I did feel this horrible feeling of loneliness. But I never ever felt loneliness despite moving to different countries/places after that. I have a lot of friends though wherever I go and I'm very close to many of them, but I never feel lonely when they're not there. I NEVER miss any of my friends (I do miss eating certain foods not available in the current country and I sometimes miss talking in a certain language that I rarely use anymore, but I don't miss people). I would remember fun or funny times with my friends and laugh all by myself, but would then never after that call/text them. There were times when I'm talking to groups of friends and they're surprised at how I never call my parents or could stay in my room for two months over the summer break (and only go outside to get something to eat, by myself). And this is what made me realize that I'm not like other people, because unlike me, others feel loneliness. I also never feel bored, but I think that's because of my ADHD. I also NEVER call or text my friends or family members, they always text/call me first. I only respond or keep comunicating with them until a problem is resolved. I also only call people when I need something or when I feel they might need something, but never call when there is no need. And I feel really bad that I rarely call/text them first or "just ask how they are or what they've been up to" like they do to me. I quit social media around 8-10 years ago because it felt like a chore/burden to keep up with all of their messages and I feel like I was wasting a big part of my time just answering them and it was so taxing on me because replying their messages required so much brain power and I get exhausted. I didn't want to make them feel unwanted by ignoring them, so I did eventually take several days to answer just to answer a long list of old messages and many of them would say "OMG, I asked you that question 4 months ago and you're answering me now???". I would feel great for days after having answered all those messages and would start feeling bad and worse as the messages start to pile up once again, until I quit social media altogether so that no one would ever have to wonder why I'm not answering them.

    I have watched almost all kurzgesagt videos, except for this one. I only decided to watch it after the 'Can You Trust Kurzgesagt Videos?' mentioned that this video took one and a half years to make. However, this video makes a good point about how loneliness might've given some people an evolutionary advantage of surviving than those who don't feel it and that's why it's so wide spread among humans (maybe my condition is caused by a genetic mutation or only a small percentage of the people are like me). Anyway, this video makes me realize the importance of keeping up with some of the text messages that asks "Where are you right now?", "When are you going to come and visit me/us?" or "Hey, what are you doing right now?", because even though I don't miss my friends and family, I still do care a lot for them. Thanks Kurzgesagt!!:)

  4. Is talking to yourself a sign of chronic loneliness?. Is talking to yourself a way for your brain to prevent chronic loneliness?. If you feel satisfaction being alone rather than been with people, then what does that mean?.

  5. Wow, I don't how YouTube read my thought. I was alone and sad for the whole day and this video was very satisfying 👌.

  6. I have a question, what about people who just love being alone. Like me.

    I move to a new country, living here almost a year now. I'm totally alone, I dont even talk to my coworkers. Silence is so nice. I find people to be a distraction and sensible. I have no time to waste on everyday talk.

    I have 3 friends, talk to them like twice month just because I have to use my call min. If that wasnt the case twice a year would have been enough.

  7. i like this story this story same like me im in home always lonelies…i never go anywhare..just stay in house..dont want to see peapole cause i think peapole dont like me..

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