Live PD: The Best of Utah Highway Patrol | A&E

Like Live PD? Catch Live Rescue, Mondays at 9/8c! Check out Utah Highway Patrol’s best moments – from a multi-state car chase to busting a drug trafficker on …


  1. 66 lbs of marijuana for recreational use and a nice RV. Just add pizza, nachos and beer.
    Perfect retirement.

  2. “Is that your cigarette but?
    Pick it up- put it in your pocket”
    Got a lot of respect for that officer right there, he’s respecting not only his community but also his land

  3. Belgian malinois. It's not a German Shepherd y'all. And they use whatever language that is, swedish/ditch because that way only they know the commands and the dogs can't get commands from others.

  4. Wow drugs are incredibly expensive in the US, no wonder why every drug cartel in the world craves for that market!

  5. 19.55 p.m., that black thar arrived me yestetrday, thx for the shipping Service. I have wait so long that that they must kill the german dog his "puppy duty", but he said it comes a month before, burn in the dessert puppyduty, many immigrants had a little bit warmer in the "burning duty" festival at this night.
    And I feel me very good for a while.

  6. Yeah it's real funny that this kid got busted for drugs, and is going to spend the next 5 years in prisin… pretty sure his toddler children don't think it's funny at all

  7. What a joke. Live P.D. is like fake news promoting cops as being such perfect good guys. Just watch the REAL COP WATCHERS IF YOU WANT TO SEE REAL COPS AND HOW THEY REALLY BEHAVE.
    You wanna see the real way they protect and serve then watch the COP WATCHERS or the
    FIRST AMENDMENT AUDITORS on YouTube. Stop watching FAkE TV , start watching YouTubes best. You will find the truth if you do your own research and get away from Main Stream Propaganda groups.

  8. im not sure why they blurred the guys shirt at 18:04 the first time i looked at it i knew right away it was a superman logo :/

  9. keep in mind you generally pay for what you lose.. or your family does. theyll just make your wife become a mule by threatening to kill you in prison and kill her

  10. Guy: “I’m going to go see my girlfriend for a few hours”

    Cop: “Whyy do you have to go back”

    Guy: “I’m going back to my Wife “

    Me: Wtf

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