Live PD: The Best of Tulsa, OK | A&E

Like Live PD? Catch Live Rescue, Mondays at 9/8c! Check out Tulsa PD’s best moments, including investigating a “personal locker” and going from helping a …


  1. Rik busines police at any time, your lives are very very very short, that it's your age you will be searched and you will be killed. COLORADO CITY SINCE DENVER(USA)

  2. Let's all take a moment to thank and appreciate America's finest

    Police officer thank you men and women who lay down their lives for others.

  3. When a black woman is telling her son that she loves him, why is he growing up in a criminal neighborhood, becoming a criminal himself? Some people just don't know what love is.

  4. Is this all staged or what? I've never seen a decent cop in all my 54 years of living. Seriously. No one is this descent of a human being when they wielding authority.

  5. what a fkn dog the dude gets shot the cop dog tells him we will go get em then five weeks later raid his home and take him to jail and he hasnt even done anyting but been shot and even if he did shoot them they shot him i feel really bad for this guy and he had been laying low since jail fkn dogs ay

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