LINCOLN'S SEIZURES 😢 // FINALLY Seeing the Doctor!!

Continuing to search for answers about what is causing Lincoln’s seizures, Amanda finally got to meet with the neurologist before preparing for a week in …


  1. Please don't say crazy to your kids. Sorry. I know it's s just word to describe positive things or awesome but, i think it's s suit for that awesome or great situation. Sorry. Gbu

  2. My 7 year old had two seizures the first was the longest it felt long. it was hard to watch at first we thought he was choking.when he had woken up from it he was loose it scared me and I panick I wanted to faint then he slowly was back to normal. The next day he had a minor one he was napping on his side I calmed him let him know I was there less then 6 seconds he was back, but all confuse he had a head scan and eeg and has the best neuro doctor he takes 5 mg twice of keepra it was so hard to watch thank God we haven’t seen another and I fear that day, but for know I stay calm with his medicine, but I now know how to respond during one and not panick and talk softly to him and keep him on his side. It’s hard it really is I felt horrible for him

  3. The Spiderwick chronicles Book series by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi is so good. Love that you guys picked up the Shadow children series, my oldest loves that series.

  4. you can try TCM for the seizures. search for google what is the benefits. In Asia the children with seizures goes for the acupuncture , its did help.

  5. Couldn’t help but think that if China was watching Lincoln with your family, how pleased they must be. His life wouldn’t have been so great in an orphanage. All the love, attention and help he is getting is absolutely wonderful! I am praying, asking our amazing God to help Lincoln talk! Our God does exceedingly, abundantly above all we could ask or think! PTL!

  6. Appreciate what you're doing mom!!
    You're an amazing mom..
    God bless bless your beautiful soul!!

  7. What i love most about your family is the love for reading.I also noticed that your smaller kids are not on phones during your videos.That's a new thing these days.Both are really good parents
    And,Jude is a gentleman,sibling protector,responsible and i can say that to your other kids too.They helped around the house.
    You're all rock stars.Kudos from the Philippines.

  8. Try a milk free diet!!! A lot of seizure sufferers are misdiagnosed with epilepsy so they can give us pills!!! It could be just a simple allergy milk being most likely plz try it if u haven’t!!! And avoid aspartame!!!

  9. Watching medical documentaries I’ve seen children, with various neurological issues, taking CBD oil and the results were phenomenal! Definitely worth trying… 😘

  10. Got the update on Lincoln's doctor appointment on your Instagram post but was so happy to hear it from you 💕🙏 prayers have been sent for you to get answers on what's next for him and I'm glad you found a doctor who's open to possibilities 🙏💗 LinckyLinc is getting so tall!! Hope you're enjoying Colorado! Love to witness how much your kiddos are into reading : every book is such an adventure 😍 so enriching! 😘😘 From Paris

  11. Can’t wait for the next vlog! I check everyday. Ive seen all of your vlogs & clicks like every time. Waiting patiently in Norfolk, VA.

  12. I had a sister with epilepsy it’s hard on them as well as it’s very worrying for you to , I hope he can get something very soon that will help him and you guys. Lots of love from rainy stormy wales. Uk ❤️❤️❤️

  13. Just a quick message regarding CBD oil. Yes it is fantastic for people with all different illnesses,pain etc but for some people with Epilepsy it is not such a good idea. I understand that Lincolns Neuro has suggested it but has a check been done on his heart rate. when I was first diagnosed with Epilepsy we had an app on our phone that you used in conjuncture with a fitness dohicky,( can't remember what they are called). The kind of thing you wear on your wrist or arm that shows how many steps you have done,what your heart rate is etc when you are exercising.
    Well when I was wearing mine,the alarm on the phone app was going off all the time. When we looked my heart rate was either sky high 180 + bpm or more worryingly very low 30 bpm.we assumed that these were erroneous readings,until I had a complex partial whilst having an appointment with my Neuro. I was hooked up to a heart machine and blood-pressure machine and my apps heart beat was tracking the hospital one beat for beat.
    Apparently this is not common at all with people with Epilepsy,but not totally unheard of. I was sent to cardio to make sure 100% that this wasn't a heart problem but a neurological one. Anyway,because of this I can not use CBD oil as it can lower your heart beat and therefore is very dangerous for someone whose heart rate drops to 30 bpm for no reason.
    I am quite sure all of these checks have been done,but on the off chance that they haven't I just thought I would let you know. Neuro problems are a huge learning curve for us all,and can throw up the unexpected.
    Sorry this quick message turned into War & Peace,love to you all,Sara x

  14. Lincoln so talkative now it is almost sounding like mom mom look! <3 Such a happy strong boy love you guys <3

  15. I just admire kids who are loved to read books. Kids at present love gadget which is really sad☹️

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