LET'S FACT CHECK: Ill. State Rep. Kelly Cassidy – Recreational marijuana laws and youth usage

Does legalizing recreational marijuana lower usage amongst youth? We fact check Ill. State Rep. Kelly Cassidy to see what the data shows in other states.


  1. honestly, and this may come as a big surprise that im not for kids using weed, but, if a teen wants weed they will get it end of story. now then on to real children under 18, while not exactly good for them it wouldnt hurt any kid of any age if consumed in its raw state, and if the child some how smoked it the worst thats going to happen is the feel funny and maby they dont like it and feel sick for an hour or 2 then they fall asleep. like jesus christ people, its the same a sleep medicine except way less harmful.

  2. This video was made by a bunch of greedy cops who are mad that the the bill allows for home grow and they wont get a cut of that money.

    But there is actually a real simple solution to that… Have people pay $350 for a license for each plant they grow.
    If I drink 365 days a year buying $7 sixpacks, the state gets $1 for every day I drink… and I do not drink every day.

    The state of illinois is not going to get more than $350 a year from every individual smoker in tax revenue.

    When I was a pot smoker, I smoked $20 a week worth of pot… so even at a 10% rate, that means the state would only make $104 off of me in tax revenue.

    It does not make sense to charge more than $350 for a license to grow individual plants, since gangs will still be attempting to undercut market prices if tax revenue is too high and still eat up the market. Plus it will be like beer, it is legal to brew beer, but most people do not brew their own beer out of convenience. Most people do not grow their own food out of convenience… so forbidding people access to growing does not make sense since most people will still choose to buy it at the store out of convenience.

  3. Right but use didn't go up either. So while it may be false, it's also TOTALLY IRRELEVANT. There is NO EVIDENCE that legalization/criminalization affects teen use ONE WAY OR THE OTHER. Given the attendant harms to continued prohibition, the balance weighs in favor of legalization. Anxious soundtrack be damned.

  4. The important point to make here is that, as a matter of fact, youth usage hasn't went up in states with recreational cannabis and maybe its gone down a little. That's what the data shows and I think it is a positive point to refer to when arguing in favor of recreational cannabis for adults over 21 in Illinois. Because like alcohol, do you want to be caught giving cannabis to someone under 21? I know I don't and most people are the same looks like which is where you see youth usage flatlining and maybe even declining a little in other states with recreational cannabis.

  5. Truth is there has been some problems with youth and getting into there parents cannabis to try to point out this is fake ya your right this is #Fakenews Because you clearly do not tell the full stories how there is no raising child who are overdosing or using the plant and finding ill effects you also are not seeing children dieing from opiate use or the use of cocaine or herion or there parents prescription pills. the bigest is the problam with the parents not locking up there stash and the child finding it they make this big fuss like the child will over dose or something and rush them into the hospital even tho this was from a dispensary where the cannabis was first tested there looking for anything and everything to point out the wrongs of cannabis and none of the goods that it has done to our society #Norml #Marijuwana #Truth #Themoreyouknow #Facts #MPA #MPP #Cannabis

  6. The reason teen drug use is so high is because society promotes a party party party party party party party party party party party that's all we want to do is party party for this party for that party for this party for that we got to have a party for every day once a week once a month six times a year we party party party party party and you wonder why humans spend the first 30 years of their life figuring out that life is not just a party

  7. And hemp being used it is as an industrial product would save a hell of a lot of trees and create a whole new industry that we haven't even discovered yet

  8. Fact check this marijuana being illegal has created a pharmaceutical injury industry and a black market for drugs that actually do hurt people and create slaves out of those people if marijuana wasn't there they wouldn't be able to hide so well behind marijuana

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