Legalizing marijuana in Illinois will cause more problems

Illinois politicians in recent years have saddled our state with a series of serious evils, among them being taxpayer-funded abortion, same-sex marriage, and the …


  1. Um, your eminence, its extremely ignorant and rather audacious that while your priests have been molesting little boys for decades, you have the nerve to even attempt to address cannabis (which you know nothing about) If you knew anything youd know that cannabis is the most beneficial medicine on Earth. Also, cannabis can be found throughout the bible and was actually the sacrament until 300 AD when Constantine's drunk mother changed it to wine. Also, since we have a system of physiology called the Endocannabinoid System and we're wired to use cannabis via 600,000,000 years of evolution (I know, I know, ya dont believe in evolution even though it's fact) there is actually no such thing as 'recreational' use. Since its being used medicinally (whether known to the user or not) it's still considered medical use. Also, cannabis oil mixed w/olive oil and frankincense is the original annointing oil used by Jesus himself. So, you should focus on your own pedophile epidemic before you even attempt to say anything about cannabis……

  2. You are not God. The shame you cause people to feel causes them more damage in their lives than cannabis ever could. Marijuana is a weed that the God of the most high put here on Earth when He made it. Now get down on your knees and confess your sin of talking blasphemy about something God made. And by the way I ran out of cannabis 25 days ago, so how can it be addictive? That's another lie by you. Confess that sin as well right now or you are really going to Hell. Last thing, alcohol, the #1 most dangerous and deadly drug in the world, is OK? Wow you are really messed up. Amen.

  3. Does he not have a little boy to go touch? How is he an expert on something the experts have been crafting for years? Oh "donations".


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