Legal Weed Did More to Stop Drug Smuggling Than Any Wall

Easing pot prohibition is doing what the failed war on drugs never could. β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Like …


  1. The War on drugs has failed! Because it was never a War on drugs. It's always been a WAR FOR REVENUE!!! FACT: DECRIMINALIZING DRUG USE ACTUALLY MAKES DRUG USE GO DOWN!!! The reason that they want to continue to make drugs illegal. Is so they can make a profit with privatized prison systems. And asset seizures!!

  2. We'd also need to deschedule all other drugs & legalize a whole lot of weapons. I support doing both, mind you, but accomplishing that in one presdiency is a tad unrealistic.
    A wall is a good idea either way. $10 billion is a tiny cost to pay when it's measured against all of the American lives it will save and the militarial value. Saving the lives of a bunch of illegal immigrants who would otherwise get killed on the trip over is a sweet bonus too.

  3. The wall is for more than just slowing drug smuggling (as for "had no affect" that's not true, the number of illegals stopped with the wall helped to prevent the smuggling of drugs they were carrying) It still isn't nearly as much as vehicles filled with drugs, but this video basically summarized into, Can't beat em, join em and then you aren't beaten. The whole point was to keep drugs out, we not only failed in doing so, but made the drugs state legal. The wall also prevents so many other things. (Illegal crossing, welfare spikes, contraband smuggling, sex trafficing, underage 7-14 pregnancies, murder for non payment, homes close to the border, especially texas, won't be as easily invaded and have it's residence murdered.) Thankfully the police in those towns allow people to shoot those crossing the border, that alone would be enough to deter them from illegally invading the country. Allow all border towns to shoot anyone coming across, and we wouldn't be having this issue.

  4. Build the wall…around your house! Why wait for government to isolate you when you can do it yourself?

  5. Yeah they didn’t shift the supply of drugs they just changed the type of drugs. Since there was less demand for weed they manufactured more meth and heroine.

  6. No legalizing weed has made it worse especially where I lived since the drug of choice is weed and meth. Now there is more weed. Also ancient civilizations that had drugs legalized don't exist anymore because it got destroyed because of it.

  7. What you now need to face is the "opioid epidemic" was invented to avoid DEA layoffs and DEA funding reduction. They will be harassing legitimate prescribers instead of the Rx mills causing the misprescribing of opioids. They will also be persecuting the 30,000,000 citizens with an IQ below 83 who have a difficult time finding steady work and end up on welfare and demerol and alcohol. The illegals coming here are displacing these people in the job market. Preventing illegals from entering the country is protecting the llimited jobs these citizens can do from being stolen from them. Tolerance for illegals is really a form of white supremacism for pseudo-intellectuals. If you don't believe that, go to San Jose and look at the skin color of those doing what liberals consider "menial" work.

  8. Just hand the country over to Mexicans real quick. Stopping wasting people's time, America will be brown soon anyway…

  9. I know for a fact that the people who was bringing weed now is bringing meth, heroin and now fentanyl. Are you going to legalize that too?

  10. I'm sick of illegal immigrants and I don't care about drugs or rapists. What I'm sick of is longer hours, less pay, less benefits, less unions, etc. Etc.

    Slave like illegal immigrant workers have been contributing to stagflation my whole life. They have little to no ability to demand a raise or stand up for their rights in the workforce.

  11. I am Conservative and I have been voting to legalize marijuana since 1996, that is when medical marijuana was first legalized in California – Reason-TV thinks this all started just five year ago – – In Colorado and Washington DC! We here in California started the ball rolling twenty three years ago

  12. Yeah but these illegal aliens do not have the right to enter the USA at their leisure. Hell, as a US Citizen I do not have the right to enter the USA without examination.

  13. The main point of the wall is to reduce illegal immigration! I can probably throw a bag of drugs over a 20 foot wall.

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