Legal Marijuana Destroyed Colorado

In this video I travel to #Denver , #Colorado to witness the destruction caused by legal marijuana. This documentary is about the societal and environmental …


  1. Thank you all so much for watching my vid. If this vid has ADS they aren't mine… I get paid when U HIT DAT BELL ICON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I don't understand how you are not more popular right now. I'm getting old school filthy Frank skit vibes from your vids. Hope you blow up soon. You deserve it! And by blow up I mean get popular not explode.

  3. Lmao he was up to his antics literally right in front of the building I work at, only if I knew prior I would have went out to see him

  4. Wow Eric, once again you give us a great and informative video for free! I never knew how bad things are in the Colorado untill now! Thank you for bringing us the news that the media keeps silent about… #nokeric4life

  5. Thanks for stopping by, Derek! I’m sorry my mom almost called the authorities on you. I think she was just jealous she didn’t get a Red Bull to level her out 🙂 she already wants you to come back for a sleepover!

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