1. Man i really like Scotty. Hes all on being a nice guy and takes time to analyse understanding how other people feel, his effect on others and the environment around him. A straight up, real, nice, cool guy. Keep it real and take it easy.

  2. This is a very typical hyped up legal weed convo with someone who hasnt actually ran with the good ol boys just got brought in and talks the talk and can walk some walk but thats just a stroll in the park compared to what the rest of the country does illegally. Those are the real good ol boys, i feel like scotty is plugged in with that crew and was very humble letting his guest speak his mind.

  3. did you guys change your camera? The image quality looks very good would be interested too see what camera/lens your using

  4. A six figure income in the cannabis industry? Meanwhile people sit in jail or have criminal records for a PLANT just watching the vultures swoop in on the green rush. Screw the cannabis industry. I will never support any of these legal corporate grows.

  5. You guys.. bugs hate the shit out of silica. I use it more for bug prevention than I do for thicker stems.

  6. Thankyou for the free shipping on recharge scotty… Hey everyone… it's now cheaper to get recharge from the dudes store…. NO MORE AMAZON RECHARGE… YAY!!
    omg… is OZ on the show now?

  7. Its time to learn something I don't know, short term memory going fuddle for sure. But if I smoke camnabis I am sure to learn more. Good day DGC.✌💚💨

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