Latino Labor Is The Backbone Of The Weed Industry – mitu

See how this Latina started her own edibles company and how her parents reacted after finding out. New episodes releasing every Friday. — Want us to create …


  1. Problem Identified? Yes

    Now do a video on Solutions! If, not we're just complaining and then cycle will continue

  2. What is this ladies full name?? Can anyone link her social media?? She truly is doing a duty to the Latino community. So grateful for her

  3. Latinos are amazing. They never say no to hard work. They work long hours and some have 2-3 jobs at the same time and never ever complain. They need to be recognised for their hard work and their big heart. Please don't assume all latinos are bad, just like any other race you can find a rotten apple anywhere.

  4. Backbone? Itโ€™s also the frontbone. The front of the line for…smoking. It. You know the weed? See what I did there.

  5. I love this series thank you I feel like I finally found content that both represents me and is also very informative

  6. Is it possible if you could research the science behind using marijuana with Multiple Sclerosis patients?

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