1. Genetics has Very little to do with it… the Western diet is Horrible.. people don't realize how bad it is.. wake up, grow your own food and stop eating garbage !.. and get off your arse.. throw away the TV and move..

  2. The alternative medicine that he talks about used to be main stream. Every body is different and modern medicine uses a one size fits all approach. Yeah, that doesn't work out well for anyone.

  3. Chemo causes heart and kidney damage and destroys your energy and immune system. The side effects of chemo can kill you faster than the cancer.

  4. Read the news article or watch the YouTube of The Island where people forget to die, the true story of Stamatis Moraitis, a 66 year old man from the Greek Island of Ikaria living in the United who had cancer and had been given a short time to live. He returned to his home to die, started growing a garden and living day to day and after becoming cancer free died at the age of 102.

  5. CBD oils are taking over the natural hositic cure for all cancers they knew this back in the 70's but have withheld it from us because they put $$$$ first.

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