KING PEN OIL CARTRIDGE REVIEW- Trainwreck & King Louis 😍

What’s going on everybody & Welcome back to the channel. I hope you are all doing well this afternoon. It’s your MC Leer and today i have the most awarded …


  1. there goes another airplane(must be a crop duster—in ur growing fields of California)… what city do you live in… The way I can hear the airplane so well is if you're using ibuds… test it out

  2. I just took down an entire 1 gram Vape in 2 days and never caught a buzz off the train wreck 71% thca my ass.

  3. Im in Long Beach just ordered the Blue Dream from KingPen should be here within a few minutes hope its bomb

  4. Guys , I live in Ny , recently found someone that sell these for 60 bucks .. long story short , theres time that the cartridge gets clogged to the point i cant pull anymore , and once it was leaking , Is there a dead give away to spot a fake cart … would really help guys .. thanks

  5. Look guts i jus spent a week in colorado n spherex. Dablogic. N all THOSE concentrates. Those kings n danks n exotic. The fake kps. Etc the oil moves. NO CART in colorado had oil in it that moved. Sooo thick

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