1. I think legalized cannabis is just the thing to cover up all the bad stuff 5G is going to do to us.Legalized murder by Technology was already given Trump approval.

  2. Let all those people who are currently in the can for (nothing more than) pot possession/supply -and simultaneously legalize it, bring the troops back (where they're "protecting" people who can defend themselves) -and raise the minimum wage -that would decimate the Democrats and ensure a workable majority. If he doesn't do those things -he's frankly looking at being the longest lame duck in U.S. political history. Steal their thunder and then go full on libertarian! that way he'll secure his legacy and MAGA. Republicans have been arguing that if you raise the minimum wage that small businesses will fold (because their costs will be too high) but they neglect the fact that with all of that extra cash in the economy -theirย market share/profit will also grow Hemp -and cannabis have the power to rejuvenate the entire U.S. economy.

  3. Kennedy and Gutfeld are the only ones with any semblance of common sense on that network. I could not believe the utter reefer madness bullshit expressed by the dullards on Fox and Friends.

  4. Now I understand the Kennedy double Cross…
    Disney Kennedy and Disney Donald construct ..
    Now I see disneytopia…
    Now I understand Donald and Mickey Pence ..
    Now I understand why Disney got fox ..

  5. Decriminalize not legalize!

    No human being or group of human beings has a moral right to dictate to other human beings what they can and can't eat, think, do, drink, consume, buy, sell, grow or trade because to do so is to violate Natural Law as well as support tyranny and slavery.

    "Slavery is a claim of ownership on your person, the product of your labor, or your possessions, in whole or in part.

    All natural rights are property rights. Understanding this is fundamental in understanding the condition of slavery.

    We own ourselves and have the right to live freely and exercise our Natural Rights, provided the actions we perform do not infringe on another person's Rights.

    Anyone who dares to try to stop people from living within these Natural Rights is making a direct claim of ownership on others which is the definition of slavery. Those who do this, or condone this, are tyrants and should be treated as such."

    – Mark Passio

    There should be no man made "laws" or taxes against it!

  6. i dont smoke anymore i lost interest. But if they descheduled it to at least a lesser concern, not schedule 1…Trump would easily win 2020 lol…lots of people out there smoke it. Its absurd that COCAINE is schedule 2 and xanax schedule 3 (least concern), while pot is most concern alongside meth and heroin in schedule 1….Marijuana is not anywhere near as harmful to the body as those drugs

  7. Aldous Huxley and disneytopia.
    To understand your future and president Donald and Mickey….
    We have to go back in time to when the wizard of Oz killed Kennedy….

  8. Kennedy is a freak. And she thinks its cool or funny when she does that schtick on tv. I dont get why she thinks its attractive or cool …..IT AINT.

  9. There is a new book called Barack Obama Is Afraid of Sharyl Attkisson: The definitive guide to the shenanigans of America's 44th president

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