1. She said she smoked weed in college listening to Tupac and Snoop Dogg when she was in college in the late 80s but yet Tupac and Snoop did not come out until the early 90s Hypocrite

  2. Pardon my shallow and perceived sexist overtone, but when did Kennedy become such a looker? Wow! Now, back to the substantive issues at hand.

  3. She is saying: “I know ALL black folk smoke weed” so she (giggle) has to act like she’s down with them. This is highly racist, why will no one call her on it.

  4. her parents hate her and her ancestors were slave owners. she's a piece of fucking shit. kamala means HORRIBLE in finnish btw.

  5. Trump is 100% more qualified to be president than Harris , she must be smoking 24/7 to think she could be a contender !

  6. I wonder what the people sentenced for pot possession while she was prosecutor think of her pro-pot stance now?…

  7. Kennedy, the way you put this forward is the exact same way the left is acting. Oh the left wants that, we're totally against it then… Alot of supporters of our POTUS smoke it and the ignorance of the media acting stupid when discussing this only hurts EVERYONE. LEGALIZE it and roll on!

  8. Potus should beat these asshats to the punch and legalize Marijuana. Take more votes from these anti American "politicians". Americans have spoken in volume for over 20 years that Marijuana should be legal.

  9. Just trying to get those votes. Remember when Barry said Feds won't interfere with the pot industry. But his first year in office more pot shops were raided than in bushes 8 years. Dems will sell their children for a vote then have you arrested for kidnapping.

  10. Harris is unfit to hold elected office. She was derelict in her duty as California AG. She refused to defend our state constitution. Throw the bum out!

  11. isnt the fact that fox is reporting on this, is itself hypocritical? fox used to be (and many times still is) anti cannabis.

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