Keep off the grass: Can cannabis affect your mental health?

This video provides information about the association between cannabis and mental health. Studies have shown that cannabis use does affect depression, …


  1. This video is so incorrect,, because any abuse of any legal drug is going to cause this type of reaction.. The kid himself said he was a pot head.. He was over dose..

  2. It seams like your talking about more extreme intake levels of cannabis ? Take volumes of alcohol and you too will have problems. Like wise take large volumes of aspirin and you poison yourself. I took medical grade for a year , for sleep and anxiety and it allowed me to sleep (more than my 3 hour sleep I was getting) also I cut out on the opiates and blood pressure medication I was on. That being said I didn’t smoke it , I put in brownies, an 1/8 oz would last 20 -30 days. Was it without lingering effects? No there were some, morning seamed a little slower. Stopping was never a problem and I have not had any in 6 months after moving to another state where I can’t get it legally. But now I’m up after a few hours and back on the big pharmaceutical bandwagon with problems there. So making a global don’t do it statement without quantifying it is wrong, this talk sounds like what we were told in the 70s without the full story. That caused many to disbelieve everything told to them and promoted greater abuse. Yes large volumes of anything can cause trouble. Promote responsible use, ask why your using and to be knowledgeable about when you should seek out other options.

  3. It's dry flowers and what the fuck sure maybe weeds not for everyone it effects everyone's brain different it's called moderation u don't get addicted may build up a dependentcy so if u want to stop it might feel weird for a while it's nothing like kicking crack or meth so if u are depressed just stop and that's even if u are u guys just need to chill and let people fuck up their life sure alcohol can kill u but no one says ya now we need to eradicate this drug because it brings out alcoholism which may then lead to over exposers and the result in death no we just shut the fuck up because as humans we like to get drunk so just shut up for the sake off all pot smokers before Alex Jones see ur video and creates another theory

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