Just CBD Honey Review: Delicious CBD Oil Perfect For Everyday Use (2019 Review)

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  1. Thanks for the review on the honey from justcbd.
    I've tried justcbd's honey sticks I wanted to make my own because I cant afford over $2 per stick.

    I've bought their 99% cbd powder and their daily dose oil neither gave me the boost instead it knocked me out in minutes.

    I have a ton of pain & need to get a boost to get up in order to get chores done dishes cleaning the shower…

    Btw the effect I had needs more reviewing by me since my RA causes me to get knocked out so does hypothyroidism after eating I get that way too.

    Let me know as I dont really want to fall asleep again repeatedly lol in order to keep testing. Even hemp seed oil said it can make you drowsy.

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