1. Reason this country sucks right now… sober? He's a meth head….


    True piece of shit..

    "Nugent went to great lengths to avoid serving in the Army and continue his music career. When he got his draft notice at age 18, he had 30 days before his physical, which was plenty of time for him to deteriorate his condition. He immediately stopped bathing and shaving, and started eating only unhealthy foods. A week before the physical, he stopped using the bathroom and just went in his pants. Never a drug user, he snorted some lines of crystal meth. When he showed up for the physical, he was a complete mess, telling High Times in a 1977 interview, "I was a walking, talking hunk of human s–t. I made gutter swine hippies look like football players."

    Hippies served…

    Then they ride the veteran band wagon… his music sucks

  2. ted nugent obviously doesn't listen to much music then if he thinks nothing greater can be achieved through the use of drugs

  3. It should be legal with a disclaimer: 'adverse effects: lowers your IQ, kills your motivation, clouds your memory'.

  4. i wish dan crenshaw would move to canada then best the fuck out justin trudeau. and take the mantle of PM of canada

  5. Rationalization based on a biased view of limited population(s) does not make a sound argument. Although, it does feed the ego of the "rationalizer" 🙂

  6. Yes, Ted can’t have any of pot smoking losers in his band when he’s playing “Wang Dang Sweet Pontang” that shit requires a clear head and focus

  7. 37 years old, took LSD 10 or so times, DMT 7 times(best experience of my life) minus one bad trip, shrooms 25 to 30 times, there is a district difference between a crack head and ………

  8. Ted Nugent believes in God and mostly in his ego. Fuck that guy. The amount of self righteousness he exudes is why he's basically an asshole.

  9. Honestly I don't care who smokes it, but my positionis: why do I have to smell that shit when someone is supposedly smoking it recreationally. Smoke on ur own freaking time and place. I don't want to see u smoke it and smell it in public, lose mf'ers.

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