1. Joe, same thing if you get caught with one J in Antigua/Carabiean but if your a local but if your visiting on vacation $3000-5000 pay off to get out & home!! That was back in 1996 not sure what the deal is now

  2. Because if they had a loose or lenient drug laws n Cuba, the US would be dumping drugs all over Cuba just to f*** them up lol

  3. Get these two a show some Cuban slanging dick on a Sunday cock sucking coke sniffing strip club smashing havaannaaaaaaasss

  4. Stupid how governments illegalize a plant that is consumed in it's natural state, but allow manufactured poisons to be sold over the counter

  5. Funny how most powerful, beneficial plant on the earth is banned n made illegal, isn't it? It's almost like " they" want us stupid.. and/ or dead. 🙁

  6. Whoah i knew joey spoke some cuban and i kno that english is his second language but i thiught he had forgot how to fully speak cuban but nope and it is cool as shit to see joey speaking his nstive tongue.

  7. Pot should be illegal. We're too stupid as a society to be granted anymore privileges like this…. Until we grow up and learn to man-up a little more and take more responsibility as a country I refuse to side with anything like legalizing a drug. As a matter of fact I think we need much stiffer laws put in place (and not just for marijuana) to force people to act more responsibly…. This country is going to hell in a hand basket if we do not stop this ridiculous hedonistic scumbag way of living. I'm not a moralist by any definition of the label, but for a change I actually agree with many of the Christians who say that we as a people and as a country are out of control…. And until we get some civility back I believe that we need to bring back a stricter way of handling things…. I'll definitely catch flack for saying all this shit but I really do not care. We've become a bunch of over indulgent pussies with a false sense of entitlement and it makes me sick. It's time to take a step back and fix this problem.

  8. Lol…Cuba the most corrupt country in the world will waste a space in a jail for 10 years for 1 joint..Haha..fuck them..🗣💨

  9. Idk if my Spanish has gotten really good or he was speaking simply cause he knew it was a majority english audience but I understood mostly everything he said

  10. Same laws as we have in our country Georgia(probably you heard,capital is Tbilisi) you can get 12 years for one plant…and this is so called "pro-western country")))

  11. The best part of this is I'm pretty sure all three are fluent in English, but its just cooler to have Joey translate for Joe, like it's some secret Iran contra ish.

  12. Weed probably wouldn’t help me to relax if I knew being caught with it meant 10-20 in a Cuban prison.

  13. worst translator in history…..example stay in context …eating pork is bad doesnt mean eating meat is bad it saying specific pork is bad,,,,,,, people butcher translation ,,better off learning the language and hearing it yourself even if it takes 2 years lol

  14. Joel is fucking right. There's a lot if you look for it, but it isn't part of the culture. It's like taboo almost.

  15. I’m Cuban and this sucks a whole lot, I wonder if the police there know what some golden wax on a sheet is lolZ

  16. 10-20 years for a blunt?!!! That's like what 2-3gs of pot tf…. Yeah not tryna even visit Cuba for a vacation then totally different in the states you'll back bond right when you get holding… Crazy asf.

  17. I didnt think Joey Diaz knew Spanish like that, i get it he was born in Cuba but when you are brought up in the US since you were a kid its easy to forget your first language. It happens to many people.

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