1. My first CBD intake was 90 mgs and it helped my knee and back pain and hasnt come back although it was my first and only time i took cbd it helped alot

  2. Anyone know what brand of CBD Joe Rogan uses? I'm looking for a good CBD-infused balm for muscle aches.

  3. Aurora Cannabis partnered with UFC to do studies on cbd balms. It’s currently being tested now.

    The stuff for Epilepsy is called Epidiolex by GW Pharmaceuticals. It’s the only marijuana category type drug approved by the fda.

  4. My name is Brian, head of marketing for the one of the largest CBD Companies in the U.S. Purecbdvapors.com. We started in 2015 and were one of the FIRST CBD Companies on the market. We now have over 270k customers and we carry over 20 of the TOP selling CBD Brands. Look at us as the AMAZON for CBD Products.

    We are looking for you to do a video review, or reviews on multiple brands. Please let me know what it would take, or cost and I will make it happen.

    Whatever you need from me, please let me know. We can provide you samples and we can also offer your readers a coupon!


  5. CBD is an expensive habit. I want real data, not stories.
    Remember when millions of people were spending billions on homeopathic "medicine"?

  6. I understand that whole concert thing so much. I actually can't remember the last time I went to a concert, and I love and play music.

  7. Great segment. I played over 20 years of tackle football so my body was a wreck after my playing days were over. #CBD changed my life and I know it will change the lives of others, and that’s why I share my story with whomever knows how to read and listen. I also love sharing testimonies from others so you can ask me about those. I use #CBD by OXZGEN? You can learn more about it @ https://why.oxzgen.com/L372602

  8. Joe Please tell me what company you buy from? I suffer Chronic Neck Pain and also have thyroid cancer. I am a true believer in CBD however I haven't been able to find any that help with the Pain, I need a trusted company to go with, unfortunately CBD is very expensive and I cant afford to keep throwing 100's of dollars away to CBD products or companies if it isn't helping me! I trust in your opinion and advice! Thanks

  9. Got myself a vape pen and CBD juice for the first time the other day. I don't have too much anxiety but I find it really helps relax me before I go to sleep and definitely helps with slight social anxiety

  10. What the hell is wrong with me? I consumed 3 sample bottles of "CBD oil" in about a month and never noticed one iota of relief.
    I had back surgery 37 years ago. I've had a few compression fractures, disc compression, and spinal stenosis for years. I can't remember a day without pain in the last 30 years. I was on oxycodone for 20 years until the assholes at the VA took it away from me without justification under pressure from more assholes at the DEA. So now I'm supposed to suffer for the rest of my life????

  11. Anyone know if CBD would help with nerve pain? I took pain killers and they made me sick after about 3 days

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  13. It's ok to get a buzz from coffee.. or kill yourself with over processed sugar… Or artificial sweeteners… Oh that's ok! But a buzz from weed!? OMG! Call the cops! "I wanna know right now, is there one of you in the crowd,,, I not gonna call 911… And spoil all of my fun! You cra-zy, FOOLS!"

  14. Un god damn real… You fucking sheep… Have to find a way around a law because you can't drop your sack and demand something back from YOUR OWN GOD DAMN GOVERNMENT. YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE. JUST LIKE THE AMERICAN FARMER AND TRUCK DRIVERS TODAY.

  15. I always smoked weed then would stop. I thought cbd was one of those things that was a placebo but now i prefer cbd over weed. BUT. If the hemp looks trash, it is. Now I'm starting a business around cbd

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