Joe Rogan Experience #1302 – Ed Calderon

Ed Calderon is a security specialist and combatives instructor with over 10 years experience in public safety along the northern border area of Mexico. Follow …


  1. Legalize drugs let addicts go to they're state run facilities to get they're fix problem solved also get help if they choose to do so to get off the drug kill two birds with one stone

  2. Did anyone catch the part where they talked about how legalizing dropped the crime rate here but upped it up there ? I was watchin another man on joes podcast explaining why Switzerland legalized meth and other drugs and opened up free rehabilitation facilities that will invest into your carreer or opening your own business !!! The HIV Aids overdoses and crime rate all dropped by 54% trump doesnt run nothin hes the puppeteer in this case the u.s wouldnt want to do that because Mexico is a big money source for the u.s weather we like it or not and on top of the segregation is still a huge factor but now its not just bout race its about the rich and the poor and the people in the middle on top of the ethnicity card . i think we could learn alot from their leaders

  3. Look up Mexican Beheading Chainsaw video and you will really see a REAL beheading and see how brutal they are.

  4. I read somewhere Mexico has the most richest source of minerals therefore the US was gonna invade them like theyve done in other countries

  5. Awesome podcast! Minor note lol, none of the battalions of the 75th Ranger Regiment are stationed in San Diego 👍

  6. For fuck sake, it's like Joe never spoke to Johan Harri at all. Him talking to Ed about political cycles in Mexican government just makes me face palm.

  7. Joe please invite this gentleman back for a full 3 hours interview. I think he has more information that we all can learn from. Thank you Joe.

  8. Supply and Demand …… You want to curve drugs stop the demand. But that would take americans to take responsibity. Americans love their drugs

  9. You have dumb conspiracy nut jobs on for 3 plus hours. You have this intelligent man with actual real life current events and stories in Mexico and cut hin off at an an hour and 45 minutes…. get him on again asap

  10. THE AMNESTY TO TRAFFICKERS is not for the DRUG CARTELS is for the poor people that was forced to growth mariguana or because poverty , and they got jailed . But it was just an proposition that the congress is discussing about it 🔜THIS GUY DOESNT KNOW SHIT ABOUT MÉXICO

  11. Sounds like open borders all these Democrats will just make the flow of drugs easier? I understand this guys a pro but idk sounds like a border lock down with a military presence could have an effect

  12. In the current President's defense the man contradicts himself when he says the local governments hold jurisdiction over their own affairs so the president is hamstrung in a way to deal with the massive problems that came before him. The current president doesn't live in their version of the White House he sold the presidential jet and takes commercial flights and is trying to do what he can in his power to change things. It is just a massive problem when the majority of civil servants are corrupt in a poor country. Over 200,000 people killed in Mexico since 2006 . A country that doesn't allow guns. Corruption and greed are the cornerstones of evil.

  13. I'm from Mexico raised here and I spent a bunch of time out there. This man is under playing it no joke he's dead on no BS. I salute this extremely brave Mexican man he is a real true hero..

  14. So funny how joe wanted to pin the cia agents as corrupt and Ed kept inferring they weren’t corrupt but were actually on sanctioned missions. Joe has definitely has people “talk” to him or they would just shut his ass down

  15. This guy is a fuckin human hero.

    I've been yapping my mouth for years, saying that Mexico has a war going on.

    200k+ dead in a decade, from 07 to 17

    4 out of the last 5 years they've been top 3 in homicides WORLDWIDE!

    That's including all wars going on.


  17. That moment at the 1 hour and 12 min mark when joe realizes the caravans was really gang people who disrupted the border towns and were often pretending to be poor and Trump and fox news was 100% right…. you can see the disappointment on his face.

  18. This is about the best conversation about how things are In Mexico that I have ever heard. It’s non racist. Non fking ignorant. Just all facts. Great job Ed and joe.

  19. They may off gotten some ideas on how to better their video quality from cartels but Islam has a long history, way longer than any cartel in beheading people. Like 1,400 years.

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