1. the bit towards the end where alex starts to get choked up over being choked out (pardon the pun) & having a vision of a past life, watching his child die of starvation.. i truly do wonder if that was a memory of an ancestor's life..if not some kind of dream or hallucination from lack of oxygen..

  2. Not quite 5 mins in and Alex Jones is making references about how schizophrenic people and beliefs in conspiracy theories are what's driving ideologies like school shootings being staged… no, really, Joe Rogan… why are you giving him a platform?
    There are some really messed up things about how the world works, and change needs to happen in many areas, but Alex Jones is neither the voice or the leader that is needed.

  3. If you really want to know the truth, watch; roger morneau a trip into the supernatural.
    It's about the secret societies, and who these members worship.

  4. I swear Alex Jones reminds me of John Goodman’s character (Walter) from Big Lebowski. “8 year olds dude…”

  5. Joe, my man, a new podcast with Alex Jones please about the Epstein saga. And one with Badr Hari please. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  6. Alex Jones is a brilliant thinker when it comes to news and politics, but when he calls God a comet of consciousness with demons in the tail… Time to pick that Bible back up, Alex.

  7. How come the argument against flat earth isnt look in a telescope and see every planet in the solar system is a sphere?

  8. I think the imagination and human potential is limitless. Basically anything thats considered "impossible" is just a new technology that hasn't been created or discovered.

  9. Id be interested to see a JRE podcast with Alex Jones and Dr. Steven Greer considering they both are getting intel from high level government officials and compare stories, theories and knowledge of government conspiracies and coverups even though Dr. Greer is most interested in Alien/UFO, new energy centered subjects. I think a lot of their knowledge and high level sources would be very linked and really would validate their stories.

  10. I would love to be on Joe's show once. So many questions and things I'd love to talk about with joe. Hit me up joe! We could have some fun conversations. Lol

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