1. Joe Rogan is all fucked up. He is self medicating himself constantly. Dude has deep issues. I smoke but damn not every fuckin day

  2. I’m a believer in it. Going through sever post concussion syndrome I tried it out of desperation. Smoking was absolutely miserable so I tried cbd and keeps me level enough to feel normal. Definitely don’t feel any kind of high but it turns off the demons in your head that come with a high number of concussions. I’m glad it works for me because a lot of people say it doesn’t.

  3. When you die. A black hole forms above you. No one else can see this. As it grows bigger you began feeling it sucking you closer. You look back toward bed, oh shit I'm still laying there but I'm here as swirling atoms being sucked inside the hole. Then it all goes black.

  4. CBD allows my grandfather with severe Parkinson’s to live a normal life. CBD allows my sister who has severe Colitis to live a normal life, CBD allows my wife who suffers from panic attacks and anxiety to get through her day with zero anxiety.
    CBD helps for everything. It’s a miracle thing.

  5. cbd does nothing for chronic pain.its the new gold Rush of our era.tooth paste cbd they have.lol
    cbd gloves.if you never smoke cannabis I do believe most are getting some type of mind altercation to brain.cbd high.

  6. CBD is the shit for pains and numbing it I herd you can mix it with weed and it will enhance the high.

  7. Dude for the love of god. If you don’t have anxiety disorder you don’t know shit about it or what helps.
    Enough of this pseudoscience

  8. I've tried three brands of cbd and none of them helped and I really really wanted it to. But now I read the market is flooded with frauds. I guess I will try one more for sure reputable brand but not very hopeful.

  9. I lift weights & have been amazed at CBD's effect on muscle soreness. I used to be sore for up to 5 days following a chest work out, now it's about 3 & the soreness is far less severe.

  10. I'm glad it works for some but to me it's snake oil. Did absolutely nothing for my anxiety or sleep.

  11. 5% CBD from hemp, no THC, together with body scanning mindfulness recording literally produced muscle spasm and trembling, as the anxiety stored here and there, melted itself out of my system. Used to smoke weed, CBD became a great replacement with the medical properties and no high. No withdrawals, no weed cravings and seven hours of consistent sleep with barely any sweat, on the first night. Had been smoking every 3.5 hours, including nightly wake ups, to be able to relax. After that first night, I met some former joint buddies around noon, just about to smoke and it didn’t even occur to me that it was something I should be a part of. Now, Seroquel/Quietpine anti-psychotic however, administrated by a psychiatrist, also for withdrawals, that left me in six weeks of pure hell. “Thank you” Big Pharma, may you forever and never come near me again.

  12. learn Islam.. all ur anxiety will be gone… learn the real islam not the fake infos from media.. i promise u… no anxiety after that..

  13. I tried CBD for 6 months for my pain and anxiety, it didn't really work for me, but hey it helped Joe Rogan's anxiety lol

  14. “I didn’t know I had anxiety”
    Anxiety is a fight or flight self defence mechanism response. Basically every human being will experience nervousness to some degree and a few develop anxiety problems.

  15. I had a wrecked shoulder from a fight 20 years ago, and it's an occasional bitch if I sleep on it wrong. Recently it had been really bad for several weeks, and after a buddy gave me some CBD oil, the pain was gone after a few mornings of dosing my V8. Highly recommend trying it. It's amazing.

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