Jimmy Kimmel | Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson | Ep 39

The King of late night, Jimmy Kimmel, visits the new King of Podcasting, Mike Tyson. Jimmy and Mike share memories of meeting, smoking and working together …


  1. Bring on Seven Bomar! Kimmel manipulates and MT kept wisely quite about his political views. Mike has supported Trump before. Hotboxing we love… But for the higher range of percetions and insights

  2. Ebbin makes an interesting point about those fear hormones of an animal before its prepared for human consumption.

  3. 63.5% of American electricity is generated by burning fossil fuel, yet many Americans think that electric cars are somehow better for the environment. PEOPLE !!!!!! The electricity you use to charge your electric car is made from burning fossil fuel. Your car is no more environmentally friendly than a petrol/gas or diesel car.Seriously America !!!! you can't possibly be that stupid !!! can you !!!!

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