1. Dont worry, i will not even mention i been to prague when back in paris. Weird people, never dare even asking for a street you would be insulted, dont ask where to buy fags to a guy smoking one, he will tell you he doesnt smoke, not even to mention tourism office refusing to indicate us a place whereas i watched them offer free tour to 2 hot girls asking the same question as us. And that fish place telling you your meal will be 40eur and then i paid 120 eur for just me having 6 oysters of the cheapest kind and 6 shrimp. Hate this place, more expensive than paris, people dont know beyond the street you find them..avoid like plague (prague?). Yet 2 years ago it was still a very good place

  2. I have seen the cannabis cookies and lollies in shops. I did get the impression it was something CR was just cool with. Not a user myself but it was pretty surprising to see.

  3. In reality it is legal to have with them up to 35gr (NO MORE) and at the most bad situation they make you a fine of 37€, but you don't go to jail hahaha

  4. Possession of up to 15 grams of dry cannabis for personal use, or cultivation of up to five plants, is classed as a misdemeanor under laws enacted in 2010 (via a non incrimination decree, 467/2009 Coll.).[3][4] On conviction, a fine of up to 15,000CZK is applicable, but fines are typically much lower.[3] Cannabis is easy to obtain at concerts and in bars.[citation needed] However, cannabis remains illegal, and possession of larger amounts can lead to a jail sentence of one year.[3] Trafficking is treated as a major crime, with the maximum penalty set at 18 years.

  5. When you speak of euro’s do Czech take euro’s or Czech crowns are you referring to the people who have euros in the country.we as the USA have dollars can you start specifying in dollars as well as euro’s

  6. I'm kinda miffed at the gratuitous promotion of drinking alcohol while at the same time making weed out to be the devil. Yes weed is illegal here, but nobody really gives a shit and a huge percentage of the population smoke weed. "If you're a tourist coming to look for weed…" well, I sure am glad I'm not a tourist, then… 🙂
    Also someone else already said this, but Zelena is fucking vile. In fact I think if weed were legalized, it would significantly help the country's widespread alcoholism problem.

  7. looooool legal, but its kind of a gray area… So when you approach locals who look like stoners go for it, We like to share. 😀

  8. Did you really just promote some shitty alcohol with a bunch of chemicals? I don't smoke nor drink, but if I had to choose, I would take weed over alcohol. Don't want to destroy my liver, thanks.

  9. Zelena is horrible! It's weak as tea (just 20%) and really sweet and sticky. It's like at Božkov they thought "Hey, our rum isn't quite bad enough. We have to make something even worse. I've got a great idea – let's get a few packets of mints, dissolve them in water and add some greeen dye."

  10. These are CDB weed stores , we have the same in Paris , it's legal and smokable weed because it's level of THC (the particle that makes you high) is under 0,2%, this weed is only for relax because of the CBD (you won't be stone )

  11. My friend from Paris visit here pargue, told me here in prague sell weeds And i live prague And i didnt belive And He bougth IT to try by fking 500 cz

  12. In short: everything you can buy in Prague is FAKE 😂😂😂

    (Milujem vašú tvorbu,super videá,palec hore !👍)

  13. Very anti weed buddy Why? You can get arrested most places for buying weed everyone knows that already but usually it's ok seems like a very unnecessary video…..you should smoke a spliff my friend and chill

  14. ale ty si piko jebneš a ideš na taxikarov, dobry lolo. nebodaj máš aj sandale s ponožkami? 🙂 jebek.

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