Is there scientific evidence behind CBD products' claims?

CBD is popping up in everything from food to beauty products. It comes from plants in the cannabis family and has been marketed as a solution for anxiety, pain …


  1. Reschedule Marijuana so we can test it nationwide. It's been proven to help with several conditions. So it shouldn't be in the class it's in. IT'S TIME!

  2. There are plenty of studies. All over the world. GOP is where the problem is. There against the facts due to lobbyists money and some absurd God hates medicine theory!

  3. look into th ehalf life of the compounds to determine long term effects….. example = THC has a half life of 5 seconds ( how long it takes THC to engage the cb receptor and finalize that expression with FAAH).

  4. ok, so examining the biochemical processes in man /woman we identify how cannabinoids express into cannabinoid receptors located on our cells. cell receptors accept signalling molecules and metabolize those ligands into usable messaging compounds that maintain the cell via homeostasis… the key here and why they are so important secondary metabolites… cells do not store cannabinoids but rather, instantly synthesizes them on demand at the moment of need . the biological half life of the cannabinoid is a few seconds flat.
    cannabis plant creates as glandular resin secretions that make up trichomes on the plant what are known as phytocannabinoids. phytocannabinoiods are bio mimetic analogue structures that mimic endogenous created endocannabinoids… all the half life expression and attributes of cannabinoids are present with the metabolism of plant cannabinoids…
    cannabis plant uses cannabinoids as secondary metabolism as does man… exogenous form cannabinoids express in man as secondary metabolism similar to essential fatty acid metabolism but with greater over all bio-activity

  5. Something that doesn't leave me feeling fuzzy-headed but greatly helps my PTSD. I could care less what the long-term side effects are when the present can be debilitating. I'll take my chances. You want the public trust the same government "findings" that for hundreds of years spread lies and misinformation about this stuff?

  6. And no side effects!!!! Like all the commercials on TV that tell you the endless side effects of drugs you take from pharmaceuticals😎

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  8. CBS thank u sooo very much for this op-ed on CBD. I still have a few more questions but i'm better equipped to know what to know what i'm getting into. Kudos✌

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