Is The Bong Dead? Cannabis Users Surviving Heart Attacks, Outdoor Gardening Season and More!

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  1. hey pigeon ive been watching your videos for a few days now. ive got 19 lil babys im looking after, 14 above the dirt as of rn. I need some help on setting up a room for the veg stage. im able to spend about 100 to 200 a week on products if needed.

  2. Yo Masta P! He did it again! Another great live show bro! Keep rockin!

    Fam please leave a like, it doesn't hurt and helps a milli!

  3. Bro I used to rip R6:seige with you when you were just getting started, I'm so happy to see you growing and growing. With cannabis acceptance on the rise (legal here in Canada!) I expect to see you continue to blow up! I wish you the best man, keep doing what your doing, you are a pioneer! 🙂

  4. How do you feel about time release amendments? Only water to proper ph.. Been thinking about switching just to make watering easier.. Green sunshine company and gia green are the ones i have herd of..

  5. Anyone ever gotten out of the vehicle to get gas or something and found the packed bowl rolling off your lap and onto the pavement in front of you??? Smashed glass everywhere, people everywhere, and not exactly a smoking friendly establishment lol. #neverforget

  6. Heck yea, Pittsburgh Penguin's! Y'all got good taste in hockey haha. I live in the Pittsburgh area, but funny enough I am originally from the Boston area. Been watching your videos for quite some time now and I'm not sure how I went this long without knowing these things about you lol.

  7. I think this will always be my favorite video from you. Out of all the growing knowledge and other messages you convey to people… when you described the change in a man upon having a child, that may be the best one. Your more than just a grower p.

  8. Here in oklahoma the medical is coming together! I love to smoke from a beaker but recently got into rigs. Btw we call ourselves okies brother!

  9. Nah man bongs still hit the hardest for me, rigs is the next new things when it's just bongs made for concentrates, well at least modified for dabs and stuff :p

  10. Flower will ALWAYS have a place in my house. I personally love smoking joints and bowls. I try to save pens for travel and concentrates for special occasions.

  11. Bong guy all the way has to be a raw dog hit can't have all these different percolators straight raw dog shotgun bong blast to the head #38yearsold⌚✌💨🌲🌚🌌

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