Is Monsanto’s Weed Killer Causing Cancer? | AJ+

Is Monsanto poisoning the public? A jury found it guilty of causing Lee Johnson’s terminal cancer. It marks the first time in history the chemical giant will have to …


  1. If you go back to the school grounds where Mr Johnson worked spraying all that poison, all the weeds have come back and he is dying. What a tragic waste.

  2. So how this pesticide works is that it binds to the roots and blocks nutrients from being absorbed by the plants and it dies

    Monsanto created plants that didn’t absorb as much roundup but it still absorbs a little bit

    The problem is that it’s in every food! So .0001% here .002% here… overtime your body can’t break it down and you get cancer.

    Stop drinking milk, stop eating non-organic foods, stop eating GMO foods.

    Whole Foods plants based diet organic it will cost you $400 per month! Good luck

  3. Bayer: they invented heroin; they used Jews in concentration camps for corporate profits; they own Monsanto. Is there a company that has a worse
    criminal record? Stock has lost 40% of its value! Good for them!

  4. 1:40
    In 2017 the EPA said glyphosate was "not likely to be carcinogenic to humans"

    FDA: "One international organization (the International Agency for Research on Cancer) concluded that glyphosate may be a carcinogen, while several others, including the European Food Safety Authority and the Joint Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)/World Health Organization (WHO) Meeting on Pesticide Residues (JMPR), have determined that it is unlikely to be a carcinogen."

  5. Why doesn’t Monsanto just help him out of compassion ?

    They could have agreed to like 5 million and he could have gotten treatment

  6. I hate to say it but this guy sounds like he would make an amazing rapper..listen to that voice, he's like snoop dogg on steroids..he sounds like big sean

  7. Damn, so sorry for this guy, its terrible he got that exposure. I was a school facilities director for about 30 years and always tried to stay away from any chemicals that were linked to cancer. In Oregon it has been a state regulation for a few years that these chemicals can't be used around the schools which I was always in favor of as I didn't trust the manufacturers propaganda on there product and never wanted to take a chance of hurting any children. This stuff needs taken off the shelves as now you have to be licensed to use the stuff commercially but anyone can go and buy the stuff and use it around the home or private property. Those who are licensed have to follow the directions for use and the home owner can do anything with it. And much of our food we eat now is from foreign countries, that where pesticides are not controlled, scary…

  8. I never thought a one time, short exposure to such an easily accessible chemical would be enough to give someone terminal cancer – let alone put onto anything near food or water sources.

  9. 6:13 GMOs themselves are not the problem. People shouldn’t be demonizing GMOs as a whole. There are a lot of impacts that revolve around them, but they aren’t dangerous in and of themselves.

  10. Companystooge: "You can drink a whole quart and it won't hurt you"

    Reporter: "Do you want to try some we have some in the back"

    Company stooge: "No no no. I'm not stupid."

    But you're sure evil, immoral and unscrupulous.

  11. These criminals poison ignorant americans for decades. They part of depopulation agenda 21.
    Why do you think European countries Brasil and other south american nations categorically refuse monsanto poisoned and genetically mutated products ?

  12. I've heard self proclaimed "leftists" and "progressives" attack those who expose monsantoes evilness and claim that glyphosate is safe ands does not cause cancer -.- …idk where the idiot factory is but there is one on the left. All I know is it's not AJ+ nor is it the Communists as I, myself am a member of:)

  13. geez monsanto , give the guy something, they're making his suffering even worse, just going to trial after trial and dealing with lawyers is enough to make a person feel like crap

  14. This is frightening. The same people behind the use of EU-questioned herbicides are the same people that control our food supply

  15. American corporations and Government play God with American and people world wide all the time for power and profit Monsanto is the just another one. Corporations and Government need to be help responsible with shutdowns and Jail time for the leaders. Then things will slowly start to change.

  16. This is what it looks like when lax gov't regulation (and institutional racism✊🏿) put corporate profits over people.

  17. Monsanto is a monopoly , even though if they lose a gluttony of these cases they'll still be here and they will not change …… This is a product of loosning Anti trust laws ……

  18. "Probable" carcinogen? Until there is concrete evidence that roundup or any glyphosate containing chemical IS carcinogenic, no one will win against Monsanto. The jury can feel a certain way, but without real evidence, it means nothing, the judge will not agree and Monsanto will fight it, and most likely win. This case seems to be based more on how people feel, and their hate of a big corporation, than actual evidence.

  19. Monsanto is a strawman to distract you from the real corporations that are killing people and poisoning their products. They hide as branches of Big Pharma companies and disguise themselves as bought out experts, to protect themselves from the fourth estate.

  20. Politicians and Corporations

    Guilty of Human Rights Violations

    Evil Mafia Killing People by the Millions

  21. Plants were here before us humans, delicate in balance. Companies like bayer who rest behind a facade it’s entire existence and only deals in lies(like drinking a cup of round up). Always claiming they feed the world, yeah because humans made it 2 million years without pesticides because a company hoards money for its precious shareholders(hoarders).
    Just like big tobacco, they fight to exist rather than to recognize their own harmful actions

  22. Yet the EPA right now under Trump is in siege. Big corporations like Monsanto can't get away with it. This white journalist doesn't know how it affects communities of color

  23. Poor guy… I hope one day Monsanto can pay for the harm they’ve done to this earth and the individuals they’ve destroyed or controlled

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