1. Been driving stoned for 10 years, it helps me to have patience for those fucking retarded slow drivers that should be fined for disturbance of my peace.

  2. Good review of the common points. A less commonly-known claim about marijuana smoking is that it slows gut motility. Might be worth investigating marijuana use in people with SIBO who quit fiber/vegan.

  3. I don't really think pot should be considered healthy especially when u are promoting a healthy lifestyle, it still causes damage to your lungs

  4. My experience of weed once was terrible. And have cause me trauma that I am still trying to handle. I do NOT recommend everyone trying it. There can be more cases of negative experiences. My psychologist had met more cases like me.

  5. Smoking ANYTHING causes lung issues, maybe not as much as the black tar from cancer sticks(cigarettes). Still lighting anything on fire and inhaling is bad… but should still be legal, as drinking and cigarettes are a choice, marijuana should be s choice.

  6. One thousand eye rolls for pro-weed and anti-weed people. It has benefits to some illnesses but its not a magical perfect drug im so bored of people trying to make wild exaggerated claims about the benefits or negative effects of weed. Thank you for your informative non biased take on the topic

  7. In the 60's millions of young adults smoked marijuana and back then studies showed it was not physically addicting. One does Not need to "smoke" weed….cigarettes and the associated paper became filled with chemicals…smoking paper is definitely not a healthy activity.

  8. I would be waaaaay more cautious to dismiss the negative mental health effects of marijuana on susceptible individuals.
    People go to the ER every single day from psychological disturbances related to THC ingestion.
    Mic is high


  9. Cannabis itself is safe, beneficial and non-toxic. No recorded deaths. The smoke going into your lungs is not healthy at all. Eat it. Tons of people have beat serious illness with Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil.

  10. How long can you “not go without something” before being considered addicted . For example my roommate said he can’t go without video games for two weeks . Does that make him addicted ? Or what’s that magic number ?

  11. It’s a lot healthier than alcohol. Decreased stress, no liver damage, and no worrying to name a few.

  12. He says we can ignore the increased risk associated with smoking heavily but cant the anti cancer effects ok 👌

  13. As an ex long time smoker of weed I can say that most people I knew were absolutely addicted to it. And my husband was much meaner while on it

  14. Cannabis is a drug, a stimulant with pro-psychotic effects . Habitual use is common and getting more so. Mostly we are self-medicating and/or escaping when we seek out any drug just to feel better, but in the long run they do the opposite. There are better ways than drugs imo

  15. Basically the government and pharmaceutical industry, would need to find other ways to make money. I’m sure Pepsi will put cbd oil in their beverage to keep up!!

  16. Started to use it for pain I was having in my shoulder. The pain was so bad I couldn’t sleep. It helped me sleep and after two nights the pain went away. I will have a bit of an indica once in a while for sleep but don’t really care to do it just for fun. Not the least bit addictive. I’m a senior and about 90% of the seniors I know are using it.

  17. What I want to know is the where the line is between moderate and heavy use?😂 very informative video thanks for the unbias science!
    Edit: tried to find this in the studies. Looking at the 2 fold heavy users one it describes ‘heavy users’ as “lifetime use of more than 50 times” ?? Anyone know what that means? If that means smoked over 50 times then theres a lot of variation because the 5.7 fold study underneath designated people who smoked under 20 times as ‘non smokers’

  18. You should do a follow up vid on the origins of the DEA. From what I understand, their origins say a lot. Furthermore, I'm totally down if marijuana was illegal across the board. . . . As soon as they do the same with alcohol. So much hypocrisy in this country, whether we're talking about marijuana or veganism.

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