Is It Finally Time To Buy Aurora Cannabis Stock? – (ACB Stock Analysis 2019)

Welcome to my world of stocks!!! My name is Ale, and today, I’ll be giving an update, analysis, and review of Aurora Cannabis Stock in 2019 to determine if ACB …


  1. just curious, is it legal to invest in cannabis like would it be an issue when travelling if they find out youre investing in "drugs" dumb question, I'm just super new to this and i know how strict they can be at the borders

  2. Cheap CBD cannabis stock (HIPH) to UPLIST to NASDAQ -2.3 Million Cheap Shares of (HIPH) sold at ONLY 50 Cents is going to make an investor $1,150,000 in GAINS.

  3. Well said Ale . I am not telling you what to do but do not wait very long to invest in ACB. When I invested in ACB late 2016 at 2.10$ cad average I remember everyone at work told me too expensive. I never listen to any anyone of them and look at it now over 12$Cad. I believe at 12$Cad. still very cheap.

  4. I bought cgc at 2.25 , acb for .79 cents, aph 4.68 , vff 5.90.

    If you want to make some really money buy AGRA!!!! For those who read this and buy it, when you make serious bank!! Please come back and say thank you. Stock symbol ( agra )

  5. Finally someone with their own perspective without reading directly to audience. Thanks man great vids Im subscribing

  6. I enjoy listing to your pointers, What do you think of Hexo? what are some of the sites you read from most?

  7. I bought before 2 months .. 6.70$ then 7.20$ i think … i will increase my postion when i get good price .. thanks for great video 👍

  8. Dude… I was so in a zone watching your wacky tabacky video… I don't toke, but I'm so baked and tatered after watching this and don't know how or when I'll invest in the chronic. Could be your video's fault or possibly the afterflow from a house a couple doors down who's obviously smoking a couple fatty's out back. Thanks Ale! 🙂

  9. Cool video, just find it funny when you talk about the reasoning for not getting into the MJ sector. I do agree that a lot of them are too expensive but what I find funny is the ones that you’d consider buying (Weed, Aurora,HEXO) are the companies that are the most expensive. All three companies are trading at a triple digit p/s ratio with Hexo being the highest. Now I know the price doesn’t reflect its current sales but if we’re strictly talking best bang for your buck, I’d be running from these companies.

  10. They're only still red on profits because of the money they've spent on facilities, this stock is gonna skyrocket, lookup 'ACB tour' from 2 months ago and 2 years ago and look at the difference, they own 20% of Canada's market share and marijuana sells itself trust me. They always say they grow too much lmao, that's not even possible, you just lower the price and sell more, simple marijuana economics $20 at least by December/January

  11. Imo, Aurora will not partner with any US companies until it is legal at federal level. The us govt can shutdown all these partnership at anytime, so acb is playing it safe. Aurora did mention that they are targeting the US market as soon as it is federally legalized, which i believe will happen soon.

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