Is Indiana looking to legalize marijuana and sports gambling?

Governor Eric Holcomb called to discuss a few things with Hammer and Nigel yesterday. Click below to hear the full interview. Full Interview Link: …


  1. legalize it. don't make me write up ten reasons including extractions from the U.S. constitution and Declaration of Independence.

  2. Nearly 80 % of Hoosiers is the will of the people and want it legal now in either medical or adult use ..that includes your constituents wanting at the very least medical now as most of the USA has already .medical.its now proven to lower opioid deaths by great margins( in states where it's legal deaths are down )every day Indiana leadership avoids this legalization Hoosiers pay the ultimate price…8 in 10 of voting Hoosiers- it is a Republican state these are constituents-wanting at least medical now!only 16 % want it illegal

  3. It doesn't take a majority to make a rebellion; it takes only a few determined leaders and a sound cause.

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