Is CBD Oil Effective for Lupus Patients?

With medical marijuana legalized in some states, there have been lots of questions regarding its use and effectiveness. For those of us with Lupus, it can be very …


  1. tried a low dose cbd oil in a soft gel and seemed like it made the little pain that I had worse. Do you think I should try another brand? Is it better to smoke the marijuana?

  2. what about smoking marijuana?.. is it harmful or useful in the recovery of someone with Lupus.. specifically Discoid Lupus

  3. This is a metaphor: “what’s the time?” The doctor replies, “I cannot tell you the time until you completely understand how the watch works, all of which I will tell you about right now!”

  4. I am taking Effexor for head pain and anxiety plus depression. I am having symptoms of muscle aches even painful to touch hard time claiming stairs my joints will be so painful mostly in the hands and knees. I have had blood in my urine ever since i was in my 20’s and the doctors don’t know why. I was having seizures two years ago not now how ever with a sleep study they said i was having seizure like symptoms in my sleep. My hands hurt the worse and ankles. My tendons in my thumbs hurt to the touch. I am headed back to the doctor where i am not feeling confident that they get to the bottom of this. I have had these symptoms for some time and they want me to back on gabapentin. Now i have to tell you i was on that when i was having seizures and when taking it my leg pain went away however I had rapid eye movements and dizziness brain fog. So they took me off. I am at a loss I don’t know what to do. The pain at night when i lay down is worse. I guess my question is can i take CBD oil with Effexor cause i tried to decrease the Effexor and it sent me in a world wind of emotions mostly anger frustrations.

  5. How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  6. Thanks for this video Dr. Connie. I've been using CBD oil for about 2 months. I suffer from anxiety as well as rheumatoid problems due to psoriasis. I have been living with a fair degree of pain for some time as well as panic attacks. Since taking CBD, I've had some great days, where I almost feel almost normal and then every now and then I have some bad days, sort of like crisis.

  7. god lord yet another quack. pretend that you know what you are talking about enough to push a product and make money. protip: fibromyalgia is actually histamine intolerance from the inability of the gut to produce sufficient DAO enzyme resulting in vasodilation and food sensitivities. If you have a virus in conjunction with this that the body cannot deal with, then you have autoimmunity.

  8. I have a question Dr. Connie: is there any difference between CBD extracted from Hemp and CBD extracted from cannabis? At least the way we understand it in our society today.

  9. Great topic and I'm very interested on how I can get it. In ga you it's legal with a state issue approved medical marijuana card but no one will not tell how to obtain the CBD oil. I have the approval card but not sure where to obtain the oil. My neurologist suggests this for my neuropathy and lupus sle.

  10. Great info! Thanks for the link to order, looks like an amazing product, highest of quality! More absorbable than all other brands.

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