Is CBD for Dogs – My CANE CORSO Experience

Here is the CBD I used for Bruce Wayne my Cane Corso ▻ Bruce is 2.5 …


  1. The one and only Bruce Wayne! I’ve been researching and experimenting with CBD for dogs and nothing but positive results so far… more Bruce Wayne videos please 😎

  2. No question just a comment. So glad Bruce is feeling better. For animals or humans please please do your homework. It definitely helps me on all fronts. Welcome back bro!

  3. I'm so glad you're back! I've been wondering about the same thing for my pups since they tend to have hip problems.

  4. We've fed our Rottweilers raw for over 25 years since we were 19. My boyfriend researched it for years. His last 2 Rottweilers lived to be years old and we really do think raw diet was a main reason. Our last rottie, Aly, passed away in November. We gave her CBD for the last year of her life because her spine was inflamed and she could not use her back legs. Once we started CBD, we saw a huge change. She could actually walk and run. It really was amazing to see!

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