Is Aurora Cannabis Getting Ready To Make A Run ? ACB Chart And Technical Analysis – News 2019

I Took a look at aurora cannabis it looks like we could potentially be seeing some buy signals. In this video i will explain to you why i think that aurora can …


  1. Every time Aurora always makes a run it always meets some sort of resistance and always pushes back….it is possible that institutional investors do and will continue to have an effect on the price of Aurora Cannabis Stock but it's also due to the fact and somewhat related to the #tradewar. As long as the S & P and Dow are doing well, legislation within the USA occurs in relation to the banking sector related to #cannabis related sales and more states lax their laws related to both medicinal and recreational cannabis…… then Aurora Cannabis Stock will explode

  2. I am Bullish. I believe the deal with the UFC could open the door for other major League sports to follow for more natural sports medicine and therapy.

  3. Definitely a bull and with the news that Trump made a deal with Mexico tonight and the tariffs are indefinitely suspended Monday the markets will rally huge among all sectors especially the MJ sector. Going to be a nice green day Monday.

  4. I believe its gonna be a slow jog up hill the rest of June but then will run up in July. I also believe the word bollinger band is pronounced like the beginning of the word GERonimo. Have a good weekend

  5. I personally believe Aurora will go below $9. It should rally end of September and will touch minimum $18 by october/November. I bought 76900 shares at $10.07 though.

  6. I still think Organigram is the best one for now/it's not how much you can grow ,its how much profit you can make without diluting shareholders as Organigram is doing

  7. I'm starting to think that Aurora is a joke, because there are so many insider traders and the last one being May 7th that's sold over 140,000 shares/I bought Ciena yesterday in premarket at $38 and it's much better to swing trade stocks than to sit on these volatile stocks

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